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It pays to shop around


We have to get an NCT on our cars here in Ireland similar to an MOT and mine is due next week, there's a company in Ireland called Advanced Pitstop who are advertising a free preNCT check, I had to get new tyres anyway so decided to give them a try. So left the car in and later on got a call that it's ready for collection, speaking to the mechanic and he mentioned that the roller bar bushings were gone on the back of the car and it would cost 150 euro to fix, fine I thought but didn't have enough cash for them repairs at the time.
So a decided to see if I could get a better deal elsewhere luckily I have a friend who is a mechanic so brought the car over to him and he informed that the bushings would only cost about 40 euro, he was shocked when I mentioned the quote I got from the other company, so I happily left the car with him and later got a phone call and he informed me that there was nothing wrong with the bushings at all
So moral of the story always get a second opinion, my mate just saved me 150 euro :giggle:
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