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  1. G

    Specific Car wheel colour change

    Hi! Is anyone able to make the wheels black on my car? Really grateful for any help as I’m so useless at photoshop haha. Thank you in advance! I would be super happy! Mod edit: One image per edit request. Any additional images will require it's own request. Thanks.
  2. Chsavage

    This Idea I had.

    Who knows if it already exists? Well in a way it does. Let's say you have this car, and you want some new shiny wheels and tires, no problem. There are dozens of ways to get exactly what you want sent right to your doorstep, or installed professionally at any number of shops. Now lets say you...
  3. A

    Changing wheel and caliper colors

    I need some help changing the caliper color on this car. Please put all 3 caliper colors over the bronze colored wheels. OR you can just change the 3 photos of my car to have a bronze wheel like the other car whichever is easier.
  4. M

    Black roof and white handles on car

    Hi everyone! New here, I want to wrap our boring looking family car into something more appealing. But I'm not sure how is it going to look like after throwing away about 300? on the wrap. that's why I need your help. REQUEST : As the title says, black roof and white door handles, please...
  5. M

    alteration to a car

    Hello all, I tried to get some fellow enthusiasts to take a picture of my car and do some visual mods to it so that I could get an idea what the car would look like before I spend hundreds/thousands of dollars doing them, but unfortunately did not get any non-spam responses in the past month...
  6. F

    Rims on truck idea

    I have a request to view some wheels on my new truck. The wheels I am looking at are attached (coys). I would like to see them on the trucks attached with various color combinations to match the truck such as. The key piece is the center caps, I am trying to add an old ford center cap to these...
  7. D

    Can someone Please help me with a simple colour change?

    G'day, I need help with a quick colour change on the following photo. If someone could be kind enough to change the bullbar from black to the colour of the wheels, or wing mirrors. Much appreciated.
  8. P

    Edit wheels of truck

    Hi guys, I'm trying to choose between different wheels for my rc truck, but I dont want to spend $20 and learn that it doesnt look good with the body. Here's the two wheels I'm trying to choose from. I added a nut for if needed
  9. M

    PLEASE :) photoshop two wheels on my car

    Not my car, but exactly the same as mine: One wheel: The other wheel: If you could please make both the same wheels on one pic, same of the other wheels on the other pic, and then one of each wheel on the third pic?
  10. E

    Car Wheel image/edting

    Apologies if this is a common question, I would like to use my Photoshop Elements 6 program to see what a new set of fancy alloy wheels would look like on my car. I have a side on picture of my car and a picture of the wheels I would like to purchase. So I need to know how to crop/capture the...
  11. D

    Total newbie needs help. (Wheel Change)

    Hello everyone, First of all let me say that English is my second language, so please bear with me, and be patient if I make any grammar mistakes, and I apologize in advance if I posted this thread in a wrong place. Second, I have never used Photoshop, not because I didn't want to, but only...
  12. J

    [Request] Change the color of my wheels? : )

    I am wondering if someone can do a couple different options with the color of my wheels? I would greatly appreciate it. :mrgreen: Car: Now I am looking for a few different variations and colors if possible. 1. All white wheels (lips, bolts and the center faces) 2. White lips but leave the...
  13. A

    Photoshop Request: Put these wheels on my car! ...PLEASE! :)

    Hey everyone, I'm having a really really really hard time deciding between these two sets of wheels on my car. I tried to do it myself in paint, but I was really unsuccessful. Also, it's tough to find pics of these wheels on my specific car since they're both brand new/rarely seen in the colour...