1. Magnocube

    Specific I want to know if a blue wrap will look good on my motorcycle

    Hello, This is my first time posting. I want to get my fuel-tank and fairings wrapped of my motorcycle since i do not like the red on silver. My first thought was to have everything wrapped black. However since I will get it wrapped anyway I might look into some other colors A friend suggested...
  2. M

    Black roof and white handles on car

    Hi everyone! New here, I want to wrap our boring looking family car into something more appealing. But I'm not sure how is it going to look like after throwing away about 300? on the wrap. that's why I need your help. REQUEST : As the title says, black roof and white door handles, please...
  3. T

    How to wrap graphic round transparent 3D object

    Hi, I want to wrap a flat graphic round a 3D cylinder, then make the cylinder totally transparent so I can rotate the graphic to view it at different angles. So far, I'm able to wrap the graphic round a mesh cylinder, but when I put the transparency to zero, the graphic disappears too. Is...
  4. mikecox

    Image designed to wrap around a cup

    I have been asked to provide images, formatted as jpg or png, that will be applied to cups. I'd like the image to have a drop shadow but with a transparent background can I do that with a png file? I'm also concerned that a flat image would look unnatural stuck on a round surface. How would I...
  5. E

    Change my car colour please

    Hey, new member on here and just wondering if people could change the colour of my car trying to get some ideas on a colour change in the form of vinyl wrap.. thanks! For example white,red,green,black anything really
  6. Y

    Problems with perspective distortion when wrapping around an object

    Hi guys, I've been using Photoshop for a very long time, but I didn't manage to come up with any useful and easy solution of my problem. I often need to wrap something around a cylinder-shaped object (like a bottle or a can). Creating arc is not an issue: I use Wrap Command with "Arch" option...
  7. J

    can anyone assist me how can i make this image point towards me?

    Dear all, can anyone assist me on this how can i make this below image point toward the front. i try to use transform, skew, wrap but i can't seem to do it anyone can advise how can i proceed? Thank you.
  8. E

    How to recreate this effect?

    Hey, I've just started using photoshop and am trying to recreate the same effect in this image. I've looked at tutorials which recommend using the displace filter but the final result looks pretty poor. I'm looking to try and wrap an image onto butterfly wings so if anyone has any suggestions...
  9. M

    How to make a wrap around banner?

    I want to make a banner with text on it and wrap it around a female symbol. How would I do that?
  10. H

    How to Wrap Texts Around this Image?

    Hi gurus! I am so glad to have found my way here, because I could sure use your expertise. I am using Photoshop 7.0 and have found that a lot of the You Tube videos don't have instructions catering to my version of Photoshop. Can someone please tell me how I can wrap the word "strength"...
  11. L

    Help with vinyl plastic look created in photoshop!

    I can get halfway there, but there are steps that I am missing. Here is what I am trying to achieve. Our old tech guys used to make our product images: Here is what I have been able to come up with. The wireframe is created in Illustrator and then brought into photoshop, then added the...
  12. A

    Wrap texture around object.

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread asking for help but I desperately need it. I have these photos of buildings, and I need to make a preview of them how they would look if they were wrapped with currogated steel or steel panels. Up to now, I've tried this method: *) Create a shape on the...
  13. M

    Creating artwork for cone shape cooler

    hey guys i'm trying to create an artwork for a cone shape cooler with sizes (top: 1555.75mm , bottom: 1244.6mm, height: 368.3mm). My problem is if I just drew a shape with the dimensions above and create my artwork with that shape would my artwork be distorted when it is placed on the cooler...
  14. nachofrades

    Puppet Wrap

    Hi Folks! I have a problem with "Puppet Wrap", I select any portion, >right click >free transform > and puppet wrap apperas dimmed, I have try some combinations and never let me access to the tool. Sure it's a obvious question...
  15. J

    How can I get a Shape to wrap from one edge to the other?

    Can anyone tell me how to wrap a shape from one edge of my canvas to the other? In other words I want to draw off the edge of one side and see it also appear on the opposite side. Thanks. I have one hair left to pull!
  16. T

    Wrap a Texture or Pattern Around an Object using the Displace Map

    Here is a video tutorial showing you how to wrap textures around things such as cars, or even body parts or faces to make for cool face paints! Link to the video:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu8kJ1Quvxw Hope it helps :)
  17. X

    How can I wrap a line round a circle?

    I want to draw a straight line, say 8px wide, with an arrow head at one end. then I want to wrap it round a circle so it points to itself. How can I do that? Thanks in advance!