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Logo/Emblem Design Needed - Paying abt. USD 50

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Good Day all,

I am looking for assistance in designing a logo for a graduated class of shipping students.
The logo is to be like a badge, and the intention is it will be used for both stationary but also possibly printed on clothing in due time.

Budget is as per the title ard USD 50, which is to be tranferred via Paypal.

I wish for a round logo comprised of on circle in the middle containing an image and then a larger circle/ring around this image containing some text.

Beginning with the middle and the image, I would like to have a Tallship with full sail, sailing in a sea of beer.
I have taken the liberty to attach an image of such a tallship, it does not have to be this specific one.
With regards to the vessel sailing in a sea of beer, the idea behind it is based on a nicely served draught beer. The image I'm looking for is the nice golden liquid, and then the crisp white foam.

The ring around this image, is to contain two texts. Firstly it is to have "Norden Shipping Trainee" centered at top, and secondly "Anno '14" centered at the bottom.
I am unsure of the font, but would like to stay in a nautical theme. I have attached an example of font which I think is within the nautical theme.

Lastly, is the border of the entire logo as well and the border between the inner image, and the ring containing the text. I would like to have this border been made of rope. Please also see attached image.

I hope above makes sense, and I look forward to seeing what can be made.
If anything is unclear please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to elaborate further.

Thank you in advance.



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Frigast... Thanks for bringing your needs here.

Our freelancers are scattered all over the world and it may take time before anyone of them gets to see this. For more information regarding our services and freelancers please visit --- Instructions for Posting a Freelance Job (please read this first) , Rules for PSG Freelancers

For your security, please deal with qualified members identifiable by this badge PSGFreelancer.png in their profiles. They are required to post here in your thread before they can contact you via PM.

Hope you get the design you're looking for. GOOD LUCK....
I will PM the OP.
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