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How to make a border wider?


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I'm so new I don't even know what to search for!

But this is what I'm trying to do; I have our clubs logo and it's surrounded by an oval border...
I need to make that border wider but not change the interior dimensions so the logo still fits
in the center but will later allow me to place text in the border.
The first image below is example of what I want to end up with, but this is the only copy we have and is way
too small to work with and I want different text;

The second is the one I'm working with;

And the third I have the border isolated, but I can't see to figure out how to increase it's outer width;

Like I said, I've done all kinds of searches but I don't think I'm using the correct verbiage because
I'm not coming close to what I'm looking for!
If you have time I'd really like instructions of how to do it as I'd really like to use this PS better! Or
if there's a link or even what you'd call what I'm trying to do, I could do a search on it!

Thanks so much for any help and terrific forum!

Edit: Sorry, my attach images didn't come out correctly at all! The smaller one is the example of what I want to end up
with and the other two are probably self explanatory. Thanks again!
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I'm guessing you don't have the original layered PSD file then?


1. Create a Linear gradient using the 'Eyedropper' tool to select the colours from the image you have.
2. However you 'isolated' the border, use it to hide the border with a mask.
3. Use the 'Crop' tool to expand the canvas to the size you want the new border to be....constrain it to keep the right ratio.
4. Place guides around the edges of the new canvas.
5. Use the 'Ellipse' tool to create a new elliptical shape using the guides to get the right size.
6. Fill that shape with the gradient you created earlier.
7. Add a stroke if you think it needs it, otherwise...
8. ...drag this new 'shape' layer below your original.

The idea here is to hide, not remove, the 'old' border and make a new one in its place....behind the rest of it.

Its best to 'hide' the old border so that you still have it to hand....you need it to sample the colours for the gradient but ultimately don't want it as part of the final result.


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Hello and welcome to PSG.

This is fairly easy but could be very complicated for a new Ps user. YOu must more or less recreate the border.
If done correctly, you must use guidelines, the Ellipse Tool, and the Pen Tool to properly isolate the inner portion of the logo and to create paths.

I have to run for now so I will hold out for someone else to offer some help. Good luck!

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LOL! MrToM your post was not there when I posted! Something is amiss with the forum.
I'm setting traps for those Spheniscidae!

Gotta run!

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You already did in your first post....that's why I didn't bother with de-tails...!!!! :rofl:

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I just wanted to say thanks again... this would have taken me weeks but after a few hours of playing and learning,
mission accomplished!
You guys are the best! :bowdown:
WWKC Logo Widest Border.png
No worries...

Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.......looks really good! :thumbsup:

Agreed looks great.

Are the edges on the right and left supposed to be straight?

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.23.51 PM.png