1. S

    Actions What action is this?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to duplicate the Action/Effect put on the 4 portraits shown on this page: Paid or Free Actions/Plugins whatever work - just need to get as close to this as possible! Thank you!
  2. G

    Please make her taller.

    I would like a specific girl that appears in all these pictures to look taller but I have specific requests in the following picture i want the black haired girl to look taller but maybe for that the blonde chick has to look smaller. again same for the black leathered pant black haired girl on...
  3. nubians

    Please close the gap between her front teeth..

    I'd like this image for a personal blog about different types of human faces and appearances. I would ask if you could please close or at least lessen the gap between her front teeth. If possible, could you also try to remove her glasses? It's not a priority but I would be very grateful if it...
  4. D

    Dancing Lady

    Hey wassup guys this is my first work after something like 7+ years i haven't touched photoshop or something close to that,im thrilled i got back on track and yea i noticed the writings on her body after i started the project so...
  5. M

    tool tip getting in my way.

    I am using CS5 in Win 7 Pro and am having trouble with a tool tip popping up telling me the name of the photo I'm working on when I try to click the X to close the photo. That pop up then blocks the close function until I trick it out of the way. I don't want to completely turn off tool tips...
  6. 1

    Can anyone help me please to create something similar to attached image

    Hi,i am trying to recreate a curved path with the same effect as in the attached image,How can I do this.Any help very much appreciated. thankyou in advance...... Hopefully with the green and white border,as close as possible... what is in the middle does not matter just the bordering,Not sure...
  7. J

    Please can you close one of the eyes in this photo

    Hi please help me out and close one of the eyes in the photo if it's possible Thanks very much!
  8. J

    My layers all combine into one after reopening a project

    Title says it all. Doesn't matter how many layers I made and whats in them. As soon as I save and close and reopen, they all combine into one layer. Anybody know how to stop this?
  9. R

    After Effects How to get the look?

    Hi guys, New in town and looking for a little help. Would anyone be able to tell me how to get this color look!view[media]/0/ been playing about for hours and cant really get close to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. N

    New Photoshop CC opening files in weird way

    Hi, normally when I used CS6, all of my files whether it was a FILE > NEW or a copy and paste into a new file, opened a normal, new size with my rulers on top. This new CC version is driving me CRAZY. RANDOMLY it opens ok, and then HALF THE TIME my files open like this: ATTACHED. Just a...
  11. C

    Struggling to select object

    Hi first post this, I have been struggling all morning using various methods of selecting a car in one of my photos I have been using the quick selection tool and read various methods and none of which I can get it right I can get close but there are spots and parts where the car does not get...
  12. B

    Photoshop, automatically re-load images when you start photoshop?

    I'm using Photoshop for the first time, and have a lot of images open that I'm working on for a project. My question is, if i close Photoshop, when i reopen it, will all my images still be on, or will i have to reopen all of my images. If that makes sense? I'm using cs5 FYI.
  13. Paul

    Try to identify this close-up photo

    A image shot close up your mission should you so wish to try, is guess just what the heck it might be? :mrgreen:
  14. B

    Help trying to recreate a lightning burst kinda effect

    Hey all I'm trying to create an effect like the one attached in but seem to be struggling quite a bit. My immediate thought was to use some tree shaped brushes (without leaves) and add a glow around it but they ended up looking way off. I tried again with some lightning brushes but again I...
  15. Tom Mann

    Guess what I was photographing all day yesterday?

    Well, not quite all day, but close: from 0-dark-30 (ie, around 4 AM till dinner time). If no one guesses correctly, I'll keep adding more clues. :cheesygrin: Tom Clue #1:
  16. Y

    Save Dialogue box does not appear when I close photoshop

    The "don't save-save-cancel" dialogue box doesn't appear when I close specific photoshop windows or the photoshop program as a whole. I can still save by going to the menu, but I would like to fix this problem. Any ideas?
  17. A

    Need help with graphic

    Can someone recreate this graphic for me? I've tried and come close but it doesn't look as good. Also took me almost 2 hours.
  18. C

    Undo close of lasso loop in Photoshop - Is it possible?

    Hi there I know that while I'm working with an image if i hit the DELETE key it removes the last place point when using a lasso tool, but is it possible to undo the JOIN UP at the end of a lasso loop? If I press the DELETE key at this point it deletes whats inside the loop? The problem is that...
  19. iDad

    Look close

    You may recognize something lol... just and experiment I was trying out Not sure if it will expand big enough on here.