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  1. O

    Specific Change color of hat.

    Hi amazing folks! Can this swashbuckler's hat match his green loincloth? Please, if someone has the time to take a crack at this, I'd love to have this little man's hat match the bright color green we see down in the cloth of the general belt/loincloth region. Thanks in advance!
  2. G

    Specific Please add transparency for this GIF picture.

    Hello i'd like for any of you to transform the green screen transparent, this is a gif picture so i don't know how to do that.. Mod Edit: Please upload all images, files, gifs' etc directly to the forum. No links.
  3. T

    Specific University project

    We are an university project group looking for a photoshopper who is willing to 'greenify' a street. none of us are good at photoshopping so we are looking for someone who wants to help us. Our main goal is to write a repport for the local council to greenify a shopping street with vacancy. To...
  4. G

    Is it possible to get this green guy a natural skin tone?

    Hi, I'd need to give this guy a somewhat natural skin tone, or at least something warmer than this green. I've played around a bit but doesn't really get there. Any tips? cheers G
  5. M

    Green progress line.

    After using Photoshop CS5 for a few years, (amateur only), I am now having trouble each time I use a tool on my photo's, i.e. for contrast, filters, etc., in that a broad green moving 'progress' line scrolls across the top, and this takes several seconds. I can't stop it, and it is wasting...
  6. J

    change the aura to red

    change the dragon from green to red, if possible change the green lights on his body + shoe + shurikens etc to red too. Thanks in advance.
  7. F

    Can someone please remove the green dots

    Could someone please remove the green dots? Thanks!
  8. C

    Fixing rough edges when using green background(trying to put on white background)

    Currently I am doing some photo work on a green background. Sometimes it works great, other times it leaves a very rough edge around my products. What can I do to fix these rough edges? Or to get rid of the green easier than how I am currently doing it. I have attached a screen recorded video of...
  9. J

    Someone can help me please

    Hi, I would like know how do the effect or how create the green dragon. Thanks!!!
  10. K

    can anyone help

    i have a few thing that need to be done i have a background image that need a canvas and a few buttons to be more like apple buttons but will match background color red stays red green is green i dont like the blue i would like a color that would go well with the background anyone can help (I...
  11. H

    Photo of Daughter

    I am not skilled in photoshop and love this pic of my daughter and her cousins. However, I would like a version with just my daughter in the shot. She is the one in the center in green. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. B

    I need someone who's good on making shapes and tribals

    so basically i would like to change those shapes u see in the circle and get something like that: here's the logo (it has transparent background) Sorry if u can't see it,it's just above. Once downloaded,dont use white backgrounds ,use a black or a transparent background to see it properly...
  13. K

    Request color change

    If you can to change the green with red.
  14. 1

    Can anyone help me please to create something similar to attached image

    Hi,i am trying to recreate a curved path with the same effect as in the attached image,How can I do this.Any help very much appreciated. thankyou in advance...... Hopefully with the green and white border,as close as possible... what is in the middle does not matter just the bordering,Not sure...
  15. S

    Orange Autumn Leaves to Spring Green leaves

    Can anyone hep me with this image please? Im trying to create a less autumnal feel about this image and would like the orange leaves to be green or a greeny yellow. im a total photoshop notice and played about Selective Colour Adjustment Layers and Hue / Saturation but I usually end up with...
  16. B

    Car colour change

    Could someone please change the black car to the same green as the other. The colour is British racing green. Thanks.
  17. Pipsmom

    Advice on sunglare

    I've worked on this picture all day and nothing is working for me 100% so I'm back asking my teachers here. Tried a gradient with limited success, isolation and saturation, cloning, hue, levels, name it I've tried it. Problem is the bright sunglare/fade on the top of the head in...
  18. C

    change color in CS4 after placed image

    Hello. I have a stock photo of a lizard I have through that I downloaded (so I have permission to use this). I just want to change the color from black to green (simple right?). I have been searching for this for over 3 hours. I actually DID do this 3 hours ago...BY CHANCE...
  19. D

    Please remove text for logo

    :wave1: Could someone one please remove the text from this photo. I am trying tot make the green behind the text a space for a logo. Do you know what I mean? Just remove the text please. Thanks :D
  20. gedstar

    Green Field

    Don't really know what this is :shocked: images from Pixelsquid and other places