1. F

    Img Editing Request (Fixing BG)

    Hey, So my friends and I are doing a project for our history class, in which we will give a speech and run a green screen news telecast video. One of the the actors in our videos is going to play the president and give a speech. I basically need a background to put behind him. I was wanting...
  2. N

    How can I create this city pattern?

    Hello! How can I create the pattern in the image below? It's not the green gradient obviously :wink: I saw it on a website and found it interesting. It's supposed to resemble a city map. Thanks!
  3. V

    Working with Green Screens

    We have another Photo tutorial exclusively today. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to shoot photos with a green screens for background replacement. Learn more at the jump! View This Tutorials: Working with Green Screens - VideoCreative! There are times when you have the model, but...
  4. M

    Removing Green Screen

    I have a new customer who sent me a few hundred images which one of his employees shot against a green background. It would be easy enough to remove the background, but the green is reflecting on lighter colored products (Like a gray sweatshirt) and some of the pictures are of transparent items...
  5. Hoogle

    feeling green, lost creativity help me

    Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to try being creative to take my mind of not being well. It started of well but then all my ideas for finishing touches just didnt work so please suggest something before I fall asleep lol. I am at the point of frustration.
  6. I

    How do you extract red or green channels?

    How do you extrect the red or green channels from an image to create the required different tonal values?
  7. JustThisGood

    CD cover I made for "The Green Mile"

    Just made the cover for a guy, not my mixtape appealing?
  8. mom

    Amazing Green Lantern Photoshop Tutorial!

    Hi everyone! I've just finished an in depth (4000 word) tutorial for you all! Check it out: Green Lantern Photoshop Tutorial