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  1. J

    Would like transparent background, please

    I have this drawing, made in Paint on my Windows 10 PC, and would like to upload it to CafePress or the like on a dark colored t-shirt. I can't figure out how to get rid of the background. If possible, I would like the text in white, or if that doesn't work with a transparent background (I'm...
  2. R

    Hi i need help removing this green background from a few of my pictures

    I would really appreciate the help. If you can I'd like to have the pic with a white background so i can display them on ebay. ideally all the green should be removed. I have no idea how to do it cleanly
  3. chrisdesign

    3D The Green Cube

    Simple shapes but good textures, this was my aim here.
  4. K

    Can you help me edit this logo

    Hey, can anyone help me change the background of this logo to white, red, blue, green, purple and pink?
  5. R

    Highlight effect

    Hi - I am definitely a newbie for photoshop - self taught too. I am trying to recreate the shaded green part of this image as I need to blow this image up but do not have the original file. I have recreated all but the shaded/highlighted green part - because I don't know how! Advice?? Thank...
  6. R

    How do I stretch out part of the color spectrum on my image?

    What I'm trying to do is stretch out the green part of the color spectrum that includes most of the pixels in this image . , so that the redder colors are shifted in the red direction, the bluer colors are shifted in the blue direction, and only the the pixels the are in a narrow range...
  7. M

    How to save 3 channels images into single channel

    hello everybody, I'm a beginner about photography but I have to solve an issue urgently. I have 4 multispectral cameras (GREEN, RED, BLU-NIR and RGB) that all return to me 3 channels images (actually jpg). Ok for RGB camera, but concerning the other ones (GREEN, RED, BLU-NIR) I need single...
  8. S

    Need help colour correcting - can't work out why it's not working!

    Hey, I'm fairly ok with Photoshop but have never been taught how to use it (learnt off youtube mostly) so there are big gaps in what I know. So this may be a really obvious / easy fix (hope so!). I have made this image which I now need to replicate in lots of different colours. I have...
  9. Paul

    Green screen/Blue screen tricks.

    Is it possible to use say a green screen back drop take images of models then add them to other images with different backgrounds in Photoshop alone, or does it have to be via other Adobe programs? What i am trying to ask is would it be an easier cleaning process of green background over say...
  10. B

    Need Help with this one guys!

    I am trying to photoshop Brutus the Buckeye to kicking the MSU Green Spartan but I cant get it right...:( can someone please help! Thanks!
  11. E

    Redesign image of Australian map

    Hi everyone, I have a small task that I need some help with. Basically, I want to redesign a picture of a map (Australia) by removing the blue background and add a green (lime green) outline border around the map. - Remove light blue background - Add lime green outline border I have attached...
  12. P

    If allowed.. Help needed

    Sorry admins if this isnt allowed but ive been struggling on this for a while. Im need help turning this (image in post below) image into a stencil type form. Ive tried lots of different guides but i cant get the image to look "realistic":confused:. If anyone could help it would be appreciated...
  13. N

    Copying layer masks into colour channels? Also is this a bug?

    Hi all! We're using photoshop to prepare assets for a game engine, and i'm trying to find a good workflow, which i can then teach to my artist. At this point, i have an image with five layers. 12345 Layers 2-5 each have a layer mask on them. Now what i want to do is, copy the layer mask of...
  14. V

    Is there a way to switch a Swatch Set and have it automatically apply the colors?

    For example, if I created a HUD that is primarily blue; each button, area, layer and so on are all different variations of blue and it is all saved as a Swatch Preset. Now I export this out and send it to a third party and they decided that they want a green version as well as the blue...
  15. J

    Illustrator Aranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects

    Arranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects I have a question about overlapping/arranging only PARTS of an object. In my attached example on the left the red object is arranged on top of the green object. As you can see it hides the top point of the green object. In the example on the right I drew...
  16. A

    Workflow help for this effect

    Hello, Can someone that knows what they're doing provide me with a tutorial on how to achieve this visual effect? ......Admin edit .... please upload full image rather than off-site redirect. I am talking about the green image on this flyer with the man who is standing with his back to us...
  17. E

    Batch Automation Can you batch or automate a series of batch files

    I am relatively new to Photoshop though I have been using some of the simple commands for years. I am currently using CC PS on a MacBook Air I am trying to determine if it's possible to automate a series of batch files (i.e. batch some batch files). Here is what I am trying to do - I work...
  18. E

    make a square photo fit an unusual shape

    I have a photoshop file of my website homepage. one of the layers is an unusual shape (it happens to be the website header) and has a solid green background. I need to swap out the green background with a photo, i.e. place the photo on the green layer and have the square photo only apply to the...
  19. K

    complicated hair masking

    It might be that I am tired and something just isn't sticking in the tutorials that I have watched but I have tried like crazy to mask out the hair in the attached pic. The client wants to change the color of the hair in this pic to a dark green and the skin tone to be more pail with a very...
  20. terrylee

    Help identifying/recreating an "effect"?

    Hello! First time poster here, looking for some help! Hope everyone's doing well! I was just going through some movie posters, and I was curious as to what the label for this "effect" or filter (again, not sure), would be: What I'm talking about is Mia Farrow/Rosemary's face, along with the...