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We are an university project group looking for a photoshopper who is willing to 'greenify' a street. none of us are good at photoshopping so we are looking for someone who wants to help us. Our main goal is to write a repport for the local council to greenify a shopping street with vacancy. To make our idea more realistic we want to make a visual representation of our ideas. so here is our request: we want to use things like green facades, hanging baskets, flower towers and more plants ideas. We already made some attempts at photoshopping our chosen street but they are not that great. So the street has to look cosy, attractive and natural looking. We are giving the photoshopper the freedom to use their own imagination as long as it is somewhat similar to our attached files. if it could be done before 28th of january it would be awesome.

many thanks in advance,

Project group 'stadsbosbeheer' at university of Groningen (city of talent)