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  1. C

    Specific Cool Car Edits I can use for a small business?

    As the subject suggest, does anyone have any cool car edits you have designed in the past that I can use for my relatives business? Its a car dealer that has been opened for a year and let's just say he has not hit the big leagues yet, which is why I am in the free section. Ideally we would want...
  2. A

    Specific Noob loser needs merge pic help

    Noob here. Can some1 take my loser self & insert me into the 1st pic so it looks like I'm her date? Sorry my pic pasted sideways here but tilt it up so im on the right, lookin 3 inches taller than her & you can crop out the bottom if needed so you can insert me towards the top so I'm
  3. L

    Specific Hawaiian Scenery help!

    Dear Photoshop Guru's! I need some help putting these pictures together from my travelling! I have these two pictures, that I need merging into one. The first picture has me smiling and facing the camera, however the second picture has the better view but me turning away. Just wondering if it...
  4. J

    Could someone please photoshop these pictures together??

    If anyone could possibly photoshop these two pictures together I would highly appreciate it. I wish to have the lady in the first picture put in where the lady is in the second. Erasing the lady in the second picture, i dont want her in it.
  5. Pipsmom

    The Rut

    The theme idea is a stag relaxed with his hind........ But off in the distance little does he know a even bigger stag is approaching silently...... He will soon be caught by with his guard down Before pictures AFTER
  6. R

    Free Photoshop Request please

    Hi, I was hoping that somebody that is good at photoshopping can Photoshop something for me, I'd really appreciate it. MOD Edit: Personal email address removed
  7. F

    Combining two pictures

    Hi and thank you for looking at my thread! There are two pictures that I would like combined. and (or ) Basically, I'd like the final result to be similar to the first picture. However, the lion needs to be replaced with the pony and "KIA" needs to be changed to "REKRZ". The colours need to...
  8. M

    small edit needed

    hi guys all good,managed myself thanks guys
  9. H

    Lowering this vehicle 35mm.

    Hello! There is a brand new Ford Fiesta that is launching late 2017 and as such no one has done any modifications to the car yet, however the standard mod is to lower the car 35mm and put some cool rims on it! Anyone here willing to help me edit these pictures so the car is 35mm lower? And if...
  10. T

    Wrist watch replacement

    Can someone replace the watch from the picture with my watch and make it look undetecteble and legit. :) Use 1 of these 2 pictures depending which will look better, I think the first one.
  11. J

    Can someone combine these two pictures please.

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could be kind enough to modify a picture for me: Basically I have two identical pictures, but with two different colors. The fist one (blue) has a blotch on it while the second one (brown) doesn't. Would it be possible to remove the blotch from the blue one by using...
  12. B

    remove woman from background

    i would be so grateful to anyone who can remove the woman from this photo. this is a photo of my dog who is no longer living and i dont have many pictures of her. i would love to have this one without the person distracting from my dog. thank you
  13. E

    Any advice or Help for myself : looking for Beavis & Butthead or Rocko's Modern Life

    I seem to have had this problem for several years now I have a problem trying to search for HQ ( high quality or big sized ) images from characters from the 90's I see all these shirts that people have heat transfers on to shirts and always wonder where did they these amazing images at...
  14. D

    "Winterising" people in a Winter picture

    So, I have a Winter landscape and I'm pasting a couple of pictures of people into it. The problem is that the pictures of the people were taken in Summer and we look in very rude health, bright and ruddy. I know how to "winterise" a landscape, i.e.: make a Summer landscape look like Winter, but...
  15. M

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hey my name is Melissa im from Wilmington NC.. I love seeing the amazing jobs done on photoshopped pictures also am hoping to get help with several pictures I would liked fixed either by editing my own or someone being nice enough to help me out Hope everyone is having a great day
  16. K

    Greetings from a Seminary in the Philippines

    Hi there all, I'm a Filipino Seminarian, I've been asked to do something about my batch's photo and I might be using this site for other requests involving official pictures. Those who knew Photoshop graduated last year. Thanks for having me here
  17. Y

    Two photos into One?

    Hello Gurus, I have a "chore" to do. I am not even sure of the correct terminology for this so it is hard to search. In short, I have two pictures of my daughter and her friends; in one her eyes are closed, in the other, her friends' eyes are closed (I had no idea teenagers blinked so much!). I...
  18. A

    Corrupted by Umbrella corp

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could take either of the pictures of Alycia Debnam Carey and place the Umbrella Corporation logo over her eyes so that it looks like the Umbrella logo itself are her actual eyes? If the three pictures of Alycia are not good enough then feel free to search the...
  19. S

    Looking for someone to edit this(i wish i could do it)

    Hello Photoshopguru's! I was hoping to have someone do this for me. I have had a go myself and they all turned out pretty bad to be honest and I cant help but hate them all when I try. I'm not sure if its too difficult to do or i am just not skilled enough in Photoshop. I know some of you are...
  20. A

    How to increase the canvas (white background) without streching the picture into 1:1

    Hi I have several thousand pictures with different sizes. For example: 1024x683 3456x5184 550x550 (aspect ratio 1:1) I want to record the ACTION so that I can Batch process all the pictures by making this canvas 1:1 ratio with white background. So something like this 1024x683...