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  1. D

    Add weight to people in 9 pictures. For before and after pictures

    I have nine pictures for a weight loss before and after testimonial. I need some one to add a specified amount of weight to the people in the pictures (what ever you think a person of a certain weigh would look like). How much do you think you can do this for? Give me a reasonable price and...
  2. D

    Hello from Romania!

    Hello everyone!I'm Dana,from Romania and I'm new here in your "home",so first thing that I must to do is to say "hello".I like photos and posters,but my favorite are art posters( I would like to have original artworks lol) with paintings of Monet.I wish you a nice day!
  3. M

    Help with Photo Shopping some pictures :)

    Hello all im a new member hoping that someone on here could help me :) Its my brothers 21st birthday this Saturday and i was wandering if anyone could Photo Shop some pictures of him for me to really embarrass him? Any help would be massively appreciated I hope someone can help me :)...
  4. M

    help with pictures

    Hi guys, I have 2 questions if anyone can help. Firstly how do a change a picture to 1 block colour? The picture I am trying to do is a sort of 2 different coloured picture and when i try change it, only parts of it change. I want to select the whole thing and make it 1 colour...
  5. B

    Should I go for brushes, or pictures?

    I was looking through brush sets and got this drug set, like needles n stuff. Then i was testing them out and thought why use these brushes and have to stick to one color when I could get pictures and blend them? Is that the better way? Also could you point me to the best blending tutorial...
  6. P

    Enlarging 8-bit pictures?

    Hi! Simple-Question: Whenever I enlarge a 8-bit picture it loses its 8-bit quality and turns out extremely blurry. How do i avoid this?
  7. C

    Very old faded pictures need edited

    I already had someone to do the editing. Thanks for everyone's help.
  8. Bucket

    Blue border around Pictures

    I was doing something in Photoshop and i pressed a key by mistake,and the screen was half filled with all of the brushes. It has done this before,but i just clicked outside,and it went back to normal. It has just recently happened again, but this time there is a Blue Border instead of Grey can...
  9. A

    "Pasting" settings between pictures

    I have two photos which are of roughly the same scene but taken under slightly different lighting conditions. I'll use a MS Word analogy to try and explain what I'm after - in Word, I can select some text and copy it. I can then move within Word to a completely different document and select...
  10. R

    Frame around pictures

    How do I create a frame around the picture on the right with the picture on the left? Is there a fast and easy way?:):question::rocker:Get down frankie, John
  11. K

    Montage creation from seven pictures - no rush - $$?

    I need to have seven pictures of one person put together into one picture (see my poor example as a guide). Each of the images will need perspective correction before being put into the montage and the joins between pictures need to be not obvious. The coat / dress can overlap another picture...
  12. D

    Photoshop Element useful tutorials

    Shows some useful tips on rendering, filtering, blurring, layering of Digital Photos<< Photoshop Element Tutorials I spent 2 days on it. I wasn't able to do what i intended, but I polished some picture art as i like to call it...