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"Pasting" settings between pictures


I have two photos which are of roughly the same scene but taken under slightly different lighting conditions.

I'll use a MS Word analogy to try and explain what I'm after - in Word, I can select some text and copy it. I can then move within Word to a completely different document and select Paste Special and just paste the format of the text. The result will be that I have different text but in the exact same size/font/colour. What I'm trying to achieve is some way of sampling the exposure settings (eyedropper?) of picture 1 and then pasting these settings back into picture 2 so that the green of the grass and the blue of the sky are similar in both.

Hope this helps and thanks!


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Oh , that is a good question..... lol....

I don't think the eyedropper is capable of sampling exposure settings but can sample the pixel data of colors.

If you say the photos are of the same scene in different lighting, why not try experimenting with the layer modes . In a single image, the two scenes in its own layer.... select the top layer and play with the layer mode settings..... see if there would be an effect to it. I'm not sure if it will work.... it's just a wild thought.... toying with the idea that PS layer modes can alter an image's appearance / atmosphere.

Hope there's some use with my thoughts.