1. L

    Hello lovely people! PCS6: StValentines - Batch Processing - Creating Calendar

    Hello everyone! I came upon this forum which seemed the best place to post a not trivial nor too tricky (I hope) question I had, which furthermore is quite urgent as you can guess from the tile. My name is Lionel, I am 21, I am excited about anything new, I dream of doing smth useful for the...
  2. M

    A doubt about post production effect

    I would like to know if somebody has an idea about what kind of post production is used to get these pictures: (As long as the posts are public, I feel free to write the links)...
  3. chrisdesign

    Help is finally in sight

    Thanks Steve for the link to these fantastic brushes. I sat right down to work on a composite. Here is what I came up with.
  4. D

    How to achieve this soft-ish atmosphere in photos

    The 2 pictures I attached kind of has a soft feel to them while still maintaining sharpness in the details. It's kind of hard to explain in words. Does anybody know how this kind of effect can be achieved? My best guess is some kind of color grading, but when I try it on my pictures, they...
  5. P

    How do I get this effect?

    Hello. Could you please tell me how do I make my pictures look like this one. I mean old.
  6. R

    Hello all!

    Today is day #1. I hope to be a regular on this forum and learn from others as well as contribute to helping others learn. I've been tinkering with photoshop for a few years now and over the last year taking it as well as my photography much more serious. I stay up many nights tossing and...
  7. J

    Where to begin?

    As a brand new member to this forum and to Photoshop it'self maybe I'm giving myself something to big to start with. What I hope to do, is to edit pictures of my family's faces onto Disney characters. (This goes back to an old joke we used to have in our family.) Only I don't know where to...
  8. J

    Need some photoshop help please!

    Hi Photoshop gurus, I really need some help from you guys to make a present for a friend. A work colleague of mine is moving to Australia and I want to make her a calendar with pictures of all of the staff she works with. We've been a close knit staff team for years and we will all miss her...
  9. S

    Turn this into a realistic collage

    So I tried to make a collage using this method: It turned out okay, but I find that the "pictures" look too fake. How do I make the pictures look as if they were printed on real glossy photo paper? (This is my first ever photoshop and I am using CS2 because I'm broke...
  10. F

    Drop shodow on flat clothing photographs

    hey guys, i was wondering how can i create a very soft shadow around the baby cloths? the first pictures is mine, the second picture is to show the shadow I'm looking to get. Thank you all
  11. J

    cd burning

    Grateful to anyone who can kindly send me a step-by-step method to burn a cd using Wndows 8.1 and Photoshop CS5. I prefer a typed text for the method rather than a video tutorial, as I find it hard to follow videos. I only want to know how to burn photos on my PICTURES folder onto a cd. Hope...
  12. Jessicayla


    Stepped outside today and right outside my front door was a HUGE and beautiful dragonfly. Got my work camera (Nikon D300S) and got some nice pictures! These were my two favorites. My settings were f/6.3 1/25 second ISO 800
  13. T

    Help with photoshop

    I need someone to help me photoshop 2 pictures into 1, nothing big, I think its a simple thing. I just dont know how to do it, and I dont have photoshop. If someone is interested in helping pls PM me.
  14. M

    need my photos brightened?

    Can someone please brighten these pictures for me, I'd really like to print them out, thanks so much!
  15. T

    Help PLEASE with setting up my Camera to take better pictures.

    Hello To All, I was just wondering if I can maybe get a little help with setting up my camera to take pictures of a high school Volleyball team. As some of you may know or not that high schools sports a lot of the time are on there own as far as raising money for there sport. So last year I...
  16. Jbknight3

    Hey everyone. This is gonna be fun. A bunch of people with my interests.

    Hey there. My name is Jon. I love photography and Photoshop. I also edit videos but that not for discussion here most likely! :P I wanted to join this place because I wanted to have a place where everyone has similar interests. A place to go to get opinions on my work, help other with their...
  17. W

    Playing with these for fun

    Some of my friends gave me the idea of putting different things in the backgrounds of these two photos, some ideas i had were putting different weapons in my hands or slung on my body, putting zombies or explosion or something in, I am the guy in the black sweatshirt with the car and the white...
  18. M


    I was wondering if someone could possibly help me photoshop a picture, its of me and my ex gf but I want to crop her out and photoshop my friend in there with me, as a joke/card but i cannot photoshop and make things look legit and real so I was seeing if someone out there was nice enough to...
  19. P

    A-Z Picture "Collage"

    Hi friends :) Recently I had a quite boring day all for myself, so I decided to make a collage featuring one thing starting on each letter A-Z. It was quite fun, so I thought that you also could create one :) It could be fun to see what photos u used, and more. This is my collage :) It quite...
  20. B

    Need advice resizing pictures and saving selection

    Hi I take pictures of new employes and publish them to our intranet. Every time I take the picture from same distance and with same camera. I import the picture to Photoshop Elements 8.0 and resize it from 2592x4608 pixels to 800x1422 and then i make a rectangular selection that only shows...