1. H

    Keep only uncommon content / Opposite of stack mode median

    Hello everyone, I'll try to be as clear as possible: A popular photo technique for removing unwanted content is to take a couple pictures of the same scene, convert them as smart object, auto-align them and use stack mode median or mean to remove the content that's uncommon in all pictures (can...
  2. P

    need help with a few pictures

    Hi Folks Im looking for if possible 2 ppl putting in the same picture from 2 different pictures but not sure if this is possible, if it is then can someone please advice of costs please as need doing soon thanks folks
  3. L

    Could someone swap me in these two pictures?

    I hiked to Kjeragbolten recently. I know it's picky, but the photos that I like most are the ones that are zoomed out. Unfortunately, those are the ones that are not posed! Is there any way that someone could cut out one of the photos of me that is posed and zoomed in and photoshop me onto one...
  4. Zandoras

    Hi all, I'm Zandoras nice to meet you !

    Just passing to say hello from France, I just subscribed to the forum to get my little cousin a personalized gift for christmasn and considering I'm not really good at photoshoping pictures I prefere to ask to pros like you :p I also like to try some photoshoping on my own some times but I'm not...
  5. N

    Can you transfer the style? (antique photo)

    Hello! We have many pictures from our ancestors in our house. To surprise our mother, we want to hang a new photo from our brother next to these photos. It would be great if it is possible to transfer the style to one of these pictures. It should have the antique effect and it should look like...
  6. A

    Program/Technique question

    Hello, Im wondering how Program and what Techniques are most likely used to create such pictures? Or what program/techniqs do You prefe , Amy
  7. J

    Helo There, I'm Jefke

    Hi Everyone, Although I use PS for years now I'm still a newbie as I only used it for making invitations, greeting cards, etc. Editing pictures is not my strongest point and that is where I want to improve my knowledge. See you around, Jefke
  8. K

    Usage of pictures from the Internet?

    Hello everyone. I just want to ask if I can get pictures from the Internet, enhance it and then post it here for constructive criticism. Is it allowed? Those pictures from the Internet are not owned by me however they will be used for education purposes. Sorry for the question. Love...
  9. P

    Stillborn baby, would like to have photos to be retouched

    Hello, Me and my wife lost our baby boy earlier this week, he died just before he was supposed to greet the world. We (my wife) gave birth to him and we had +60 pictures taken of/with him. They where taken with our mobile cameras so the quality isn't professional by any means. We were wondering...
  10. S

    how to make transparent a colored pictures. Removing Background.

    Hi Gurus, can anyone help me find a easy way to make transparent of colored pictures, I usually do the manual lasso tool and took me a decade to finish my project. I hope somebody help me. attached is the sample pictures. Thank you and appreciate all your help:wink:
  11. M

    mixing two pictures

    Hi I am trying to make a collage for my brother in love, but I need to mix these to pictures together so his upperarm gets onthe swimmer in the water (it would be the swimmer with the reed on his right arm). Can anyone fix this, so I can get on with my collage. thanks a lot
  12. A

    Photoshop business pictures (Amazon/Ebay)

    work finished! close thread.
  13. D

    there's got to be an easier way - sizing pictures

    I'm wondering if I'm making more work for myself than needed. I have a bunch of pictures that are the same shape but not the same size. I'm cropping and scaling over and over to get them to the size needed. It's simply taking me to long. They have to be the same size because they are going...
  14. O

    Help: Removing Colour

    Dear Community, At first please excuse me for my english, because i'm actually from germany. :) Two weeks ago my PC just seemed to not work anymore, so I couldn't edit the two pictures anymore due to the fact that I am not having any access to Photoshop right now. I wanted to remove all the...
  15. J

    Copying and automatically straightening images with Photoshop CS6

    Is it possible, using Photoshop CS6, to copy and automatically straighten multiple images lying on my flatbed scanner to produce a collage without twisted pictures? If so, how would a newbie go about the process, please? JoeJ
  16. B

    Help with logo for a T-Shirt..

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to recreate a logo in Photoshop to print it on a T-Shirt for my boyfriend who has not been feeling well lately. We are both pretty broke students, and I know how much he loves simple T-Shirts with cool logos so I decided to create a golden one that I know he would...
  17. K

    please help.

    Can anyone swap the baby on my grandma's lap with one where he's smiling and clothed? thanks . I gave a few pictures of the baby to pick from but can get more. This means a lot to me.
  18. M

    New to this and I need some wedding photos edited

    Hi! I'm new here and don't know what I'm doing. I shot some wedding pictures in full sunlight and kinda messed up on them. They basically just need the lighting adjusted. I'm wondering though about the cost? After seeing the pictures would you be able to tell me what it would cost? And...
  19. C

    Need 3 marriage proposal pix edited

    Note from the moderators: This request first appeared in the free PS work forum, but it received no responses, so, at the request of the OP, I moved it to where it is, the fee-for-service forum. I also made the thread title more descriptive. - - - Tom M (Moderator) Dear members, This is my...
  20. S

    Help changing a letter please?

    Hi everyone, if anyone could be helpful enough to change the Y in both of these pictures to a G I would be grateful. Thanks