1. L

    Can you please help me editing these two photos together?

    Hello PhotoshopGurus, This is my very first post and request. I'm very excited to be here. I'm willing to learn more about Photoshop now that I'm on a break. I need help joining two photos together. I know it's pretty simple since they're both B&W, but they're still off when I'm trying to join...
  2. E

    Picture editing

    Hi Guys, I'm have to edit some pictures in photoshop, but I have no idea how to get the result I want. Hope someone here can help. I'm gonna post the picture i need to edit, and pictures to show want I want. First picture is my own picture. But I really wanna make the bridge more dark and...
  3. L

    Put the focus on me and my fiance and not the fence.

    Hi, I'm Caleb and I recently proposed to my girlfriend and my friend took pictures, but he isn't such a skilled photographer and focused on the wrong aspects of what was happening, this is one of the best pictures we got back and I was wondering if there was anyway you could get us into focus...
  4. E

    Looking for pictures to practice on

    Hi! As I have already said in my introduction post I'm new in photoshop, so I need to practice a lot on a lot of pictures. Btw I haven't found any good web site where i can find nice pictures (since all the photos in google images are all already photoshopped) and I hope you could help me. Thanks.
  5. N

    Please improve the clarity of photos

    These pictures are to be sent for paper publication but due to some lack of data i was not able to get original pictures of same. They are colored but dull and blurred as what I want are sharp and clear pictures. I kindly request you to transform this colored blurr graphs to black and white...
  6. F

    How to remove background img with glass object

    Hey guys I am building a smoke shop website for my client he sent me some photos... i would like to make the image look like this image here: Here is what i got: Trying to add pictures to the website without a background...Any advise would be greatly appreciated.. Also: I was thinking...
  7. StingerXVII

    Image Modification Request

    Can somebody turn these pictures black and white for me then add a dash of red to each of these pictures for me. Just enough to make the pictures stand out. Pic related is the look i'm trying to get. I'm not looking for perfection either I know the images aren't the best quality. I want the...
  8. Z

    Photoshop request: Add emty plate to car

    Hey! I'm so glad I found this forum, Hopefully I can get some help here. Below you can see two pictures. To put it simple, I want the license plate holder added to the car bumper, below the Mazda Emblem This one
  9. A

    How to edit photographs like this

    Hello everyone. This is my very first post and I hope I am posting my request in the correct section of this forum. I have a very strange request and have been searching all the internet for some answers and came out without any luck I am trying to edit my fashion photography in this style...
  10. N

    Can someone make this better?

    Can someone fill in the holes of this pictures? Don't know if it's possible, a friend wanted me to ask! Thanks
  11. M

    Need help with combining pictures

    Hi, I am using Photoshop CS5 and I want to blend two pictures together to make a collage. I have included a picture that is like what I want to accomplish. Then I have included the picture I am working on to show where I have gotten to. I have used a layer mask to try to blend the two pictures...
  12. M

    Photoshop app

    Is there a mobile app I can use for removing plants from pictures?
  13. L

    Game mod Portrait (part 3)

    I would like this man (Ghazi I of Iraq) in the same style as the previous requests. (No colored pictures of him available)
  14. O

    mirror refelctions

    can anyone tell me how to remove reflections from mirror pictures? I've attached a picture iv'e taken and a picture of how id like it to look.
  15. S

    Please remove the background of these pictures and touch it up

    Recently, we had a photo shoot that was influenced by this magazine cover of Edgar Ramirez. Is there any way to remove the backgrounds of these 2 pictures, and make it look similar to the cover? Thanks!!
  16. S

    Please edit these rude wedding guests out of special pictures

    Hi! Long story short, my husband's family was very against us getting married and claimed they wouldn't be at the wedding. The day of, they showed up and sat in the front row and their upset faces really ruined the pictures of my dad giving me away. I would love to have them removed. Everyone...
  17. C

    I was skiing with my girl, and need some help of u! :) Some removing of lil things

    Hello guys, last weekend, I was skiing with my girl. Was quite funny, and we took some pictures. But, taking pictures with two big helmets etc isnt that easy :D I could need help of u :) Pic A: Pic A: Is it possible to remove the hand, holding the camera? and maybe getting rid of this white...
  18. A

    Portrait picture

    Hey there! I've got two portrait images which I want to use as CV pictures. Unfortunately I had to take them with the phone camera and poor light. The following things should be done: - Replace background with something "professional" - Fix light - Fix color - Remove reflection on glasses...
  19. Pipsmom

    Nik Analog Effects Pro 2

    I got myself into a situation today and wondering if anyone can shed some light what happened so I don't make that mistake again. I was working on the Calvary picture and took it to Nik Analog Effects 2...did my thing and was satisfied, pressed ok and it went back into Photoshop as normal but...
  20. Eggy

    Dedicated to a member

    I was looking at my submission for the challenge #45 and I thought, actually I can do better. But hey, I already posted my submission but no problem. So I started to work on something similar I had in my head. Once finished I remembered that one of our members is doing that sport, beside...