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small edit needed

hi sam

thanks,you did a better job on the wings there then me ,hard to do it

thanks regards muller
just a question about these shadows in the background here (its a scanning page),is there a way to take them out
or how can this be prevented to happen again with the scanner

I don't see any shadows. Just to clarify, are you referring to the print showing through from the back side of the page?
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.45.17 AM.png

You might try a colored backing paper when scanning but I'm not sure if anything will work. I don't know that I would worry to much about them.
hi Sam

yes,the print showing through from the back side of the page
thanks i will try this with colored backing paper ,the funny thing is only this color

regards muller
hi guys
very nice ,is nearly the same as of the orginal,only thing thing "THE " and "FLIGHT SIMULATION MAGAZINE" has a different color ,light red
otherwise it looks very good,is this possible too change

thanks muller
that is original guys,wow,some of the mags did look very bad ,when i got them ,that 1 was the worst of them

thank you muller
hi guys

Can anybody fix this with the money on top right corner here,
I will upload to pictures one with the right money there and the other one needs to be fixed

thanks muller 81.jpg68.jpg