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  1. B

    Looking for Bulgarian guys

    Hello everyone.. I have a question and it is - Are there someone who is from Bulgaria in this forum? Let everyone tell where is lives... enjoy.
  2. M

    small edit needed

    hi guys all good,managed myself thanks guys
  3. A


    Hi everyone ... new here! I'm a professional pyrotechnician, "SpecialFX-Guy" and show-designer mainly using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition and Premiere Pro ... mainly focused on music-synchronized Fireworks Shows and everything involved with it. Came here to maybe...
  4. C

    Change our faces PLEASE

    Can anyone help me please, I am so desperate. Please put this guys face into this pic.
  5. Q

    Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, I'd like to share with you a little backstory to my request. Few days ago a friend of mine learned about my favourite Star Wars character, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Upon sending her my photo(1) she started to wonder how would i look as a possible cosplayer and if i could be a good...
  6. M

    Need advice on images like this

    Sorry, for the title, ain't meant for clickbait, I just don't know what to call images like this. I created this with a friend of mine and we are planning to do one more tomorrow. This was my first time, and maybe I got a bit lucky, since the image turned out fairly decent. Since I was a bit...
  7. C

    can someone slim me down a bit please?

    Could someone make skinnier my face and chin area please? love your work guys <3
  8. J

    Hi fellow Photoshopers

    Hi Guys, I'm John, 32, I'm a newbie at Photoshop and I hope to learn a lot here. I don't know what to say more lol. See you around :)
  9. M

    Ebay Computer Store Logo PLEASE!

    Hey everyone, I just need a new logo for a computer ebay store. As you can tell, im terrible at drawing.. But if you guys could help make this example better. I would like the same font style if possible but you guys are the artist, go nuts, because anything is better than this! Lol. Thanks in...
  10. Freakout

    A quick photoshop edit request pls for her birthday

    Hi guys..its been years since I visited this forum and honestly been years as well since I edited a picture on Photoshop. It's my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to accompany my surprise for her with 1 of her pictures I took on our recent trip and make it a bit kinda special with the help...
  11. S

    help for modifying a pic

    Hey Guys... Need your help to turn my pic into a one with professional attire. Could anyone please bring on a dark navy blue professional coat over the shirt on pic and make the background light grey.. thanks in advance guys...
  12. Z

    Request: Remove hand over shoulder

    Hi guys, can someone please remove the hand over my shoulder? Thanks!
  13. E

    To Merge or Not to Merge?

    Hey guys! I was reading a couple articles about merging documents the other day and saving things for web. Which got me wondering a few things about it. Maybe you guys know the answers! 1) Do you merge your files once you're finished with a project and want to save it for printing? - Or do you...
  14. A

    Remove leg fat and color correction

    Hi guys, can you remove the fat inside the thighs? then if you have a nice color correction i'll love you. Here's the photo: Thank you guys!
  15. W

    Can you guys help me with photo

    Hello everyone, I hoped this that not a problem I am creating a new post. I have one problem with the picture, I am making this for my friend. I have this pic: And my friend would like to see what is there under this green/blue lines ? Can i make it this in photoshop ? I hope you can...
  16. Pipsmom

    Highlight advice needed

    Need you advice guys how you deal with blown out detail...... I've ran across a few of these and they drive me loopy, blow out detail from age, this one is close to 60 yrs old and with time and neglect its going to be a a loo loo to get it to look right on the girls dress (left).....So I'm...
  17. I

    Can someone remove my earphone from the picture ? :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any one could help me to remove the earphone on this picture! Thanks guys !
  18. N

    Greatings from french countryside !

    Hi guys, greatings from happy newbie coming from france. Can't wait to get new amazing skills thanks to you guys ! Hope to help people as well as much as I will be able. Have a great day ! See you ! Nicolas
  19. M


    Hey! I love this picture-- but not digging the unsightly roll on the ride side of my body. Could someone help me smooth that out? Lol :) thanks guys.
  20. S

    Help imitating another artist

    Hey guys I'm a new member here. I'm an amateur who messes around in photoshop for fun and I came across this style which I really like and would like to emulate but I'm just not sure how to go about it. Was hoping that maybe some of you guys might have some insight as to the techniques being...