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Need advice on images like this

Mads Hildebrandt

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Sorry, for the title, ain't meant for clickbait, I just don't know what to call images like this. I created this with a friend of mine and we are planning to do one more tomorrow. This was my first time, and maybe I got a bit lucky, since the image turned out fairly decent.

Since I was a bit lucky with my first attempt, I would like to know, that if you guys were making an image like this, how would you go about it? Do you have any tips on what I need to do in order to make sure I get the best results.

Any advice about the photography process?

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I'm no where near qualified to answer your question, bit i do a little photography and the main thing that caught my eye looking at this image was the light in the mans head at the back right, look out for things like this, trees in heads, cars on the background running in to your backside, ext,ext.....saves a lot of time trying to get rid it. But those with the knowledge will answer soon i have no doubt.


I agree with @inkpad.t... the key will be to try keep your background one that is as unchanging as possible. The advantage of the clouds in the top left of image is there isn't any of the "interchanging models" features there, so you can pick one that you like the most, but anywhere the interchanging subject is, that needs to be kept as uniform as possible to save you allot of work later. Also, keep the camera in the same spot and DON'T bump it like I did when I tried something similar (lol) and your lighting needs to be as uniform as possible. Also, with your interchanging subject also needs to try not disrupt your background while they change positions. But your first attempt was very well done!!! Best of luck!