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  1. M

    Need advice on images like this

    Sorry, for the title, ain't meant for clickbait, I just don't know what to call images like this. I created this with a friend of mine and we are planning to do one more tomorrow. This was my first time, and maybe I got a bit lucky, since the image turned out fairly decent. Since I was a bit...
  2. J

    Good Evening from Toronto Ontario

    Hello, I am a self taught Videographer, I do a lot of video editing with Premiere but I also love taking stills. A background about myself: 17 Year old, Living and Working in Mississauga right outside of Toronto.
  3. A

    Blowing Out a Background White

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this effect FOREVER. See how the city in the background is blown out white, yet still maintains its structure and looks neat and clean. I wish it were just taking down the saturation or something simple. But I have a feeling it's more complicated. Curious...
  4. R

    Hi All

    Hi All, New here, came looking for help. I run a ghost hunting events company and have started to get into after effects as we tend to need a lot of creepy footage edited :). Looking forward to taking part and hopefully picking a few things up along the way. Lee
  5. M

    help me fix this photo please!!!

    I would like this pictures exposure fixed and also any suggestions to keep from getting that washed out non-clear look when taking the picture! thanks
  6. K

    Wanna be/hope to be

    Hi everyone, I have been taking some really nice photos over the years and have gotten some great feedback - even offers to purchase prints. I know that I need to develop my PS skills. I have fun taking photos and I make the usual oops's. I'm looking for some guidance and advice on how to get...
  7. N

    cross polarization filter

    is there any way to see more details on such tooth photo? there is a special polarization glass you can buy and place between tooth and digital camera while taking a photo, but i wonder if it is possible with a photo taken a typical way.
  8. N

    Hellooo guys girls and gurus

    Hello everyone. My name is Liam, I am an amateur photographer and new to Photoshop. I love design and hope to learn a lot to be able to help others like my self in the future. Thanks in advance for taking the time out to read any questions I may have :cheesygrin:
  9. Z

    so, Who's Upgrading to Windows 10 today?

    Hey guys, It's the 29th of July, as you probably know, I've been looking forward to this day for lord knows how long now, as it's the day I can finally be rid of windows 8.1. I don't know about you guys, but my windows 8.1 has slowly been getting slower and slower with several bugs, including...
  10. hershy314

    Removing a stuck lens filter (was: Death of a lens)

    I was trying to get this filter off my one and only lens so I could clean it. Well I had the filter on a little too tight so it wasn't coming off by hand. So like a dummy I grabbed a pair of pliers and tried getting it off that way. Well instead of getting the lens off I managed to break the...
  11. Y

    Hi from Dorset, UK

    Hi, my name is Yvonne and I am from Dorset in the UK. I have just purchased Photoshop Elements and am a first-time user. I have recently started using Lightroom too. Although I have loved taking photographs for many years, I have only just acquired my first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 1200D, and am...
  12. N

    Text snapping to different settings

    Hi all, Thanks for having me here on this forum. Newbie question: I've come across some problem on Photoshop whereby, every time I try to edit any text box or resize the canvas all the current settings for the fonts all change and reposition themselves all over the place. It will be a massive...
  13. T

    Help PLEASE with setting up my Camera to take better pictures.

    Hello To All, I was just wondering if I can maybe get a little help with setting up my camera to take pictures of a high school Volleyball team. As some of you may know or not that high schools sports a lot of the time are on there own as far as raising money for there sport. So last year I...
  14. R

    Taking something out of an image.

    I tried doing this, and it took only 5-10 mins max But heres the before picture As you can see there's a woman standing in the middle, so I tried taking her out, for practice: Do you think I did a good job? I notice some faults, but it was really quick, just for introductory purposes for this...
  15. 0

    Taking part of an image away

    Hi, i am a newb to photoshop and am struggling todo somthing. I have this picture here. i am trying to get the black and white stencil out of it. I don't want the rest of it. i just want a solid black stencil shape of the character in the middle. If somebody could guide me on...
  16. C

    Prevent users from Printing, Taking files out of office and Capturing screen?

    Our director suspected some of our colleagues who have sold the confidential information to competitors but we lack proof. How can we prevent users from Printing, Taking files out of office and Capturing screen? Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions.