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  1. T

    Water effect similar to this picture

    Hello, I need to find a similar Photoshop effect as the one found in this stock photo: Do you guys happen to know how can I achieve this kind of effect? Thank you in advance
  2. G

    What are the most innovative designs accompanying quotes you ever seen?

    Hey guys, First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Georgi, 22 and editing photos has been my passion since I can remember. But recently I picked it on more than ever because that's part of my job right now. I'm a moderator of a...
  3. S

    Hello guys!

    Hello guys! I am an old member but now I will be more active since I am using Photoshop CC 2017 on a mac! Keep up the good work! :hi:
  4. K

    A challenge for you guys

    Hi guys,could you remove the people around me in the first pic? Going to provide few more pics so you guys have material to work with :) Let me know if you need more pics,thanks in advance and happy holidays :)
  5. H


    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could photoshop the girl with the pink dress in the first picture into the second picture and to remove the same girl from the second picture? So basically to replace the girl in the second picture with the girl from the first picture. I hope you guys know what...
  6. A

    What do you call this effect?

    Hey Guys, I am looking to create this sort of effect for a project that i am doing. Do you guys know what is effect is called?
  7. H

    Colouring shirt

    Helloooo guys! How are you today? So my mate just took this picture and he want to find a girlfriend, so he want to seem outgoing, so he want to have a pink shirt on instead of a black shirt. Would that be something you guys could help me? Would reaaaaally be awesome :) Cheers! Have a...
  8. R

    UK newbie says hello!

    Hi guys! Rhia from the UK here, currently studying for ACA exams :cheesygrin: Happy to have joined the forum and looking forward to chatting with you guys.
  9. J

    what you guys think ?

    you think this is any good
  10. LemonLuuk

    You guys like it?

    Tips and tricks?
  11. J

    Need Faces Swapped in Photo $20

    Order filled.
  12. I

    Need tips to paint manga

    I desire to paint with that realism and quality, i compare a picture of mine and other that i want to do exactly. I tried it with ps cs6 but no result. thanks guys.
  13. N

    Hi guys I'm NicSui (new member)

    Hi guys, I'm NicSui. Questions: 1. How can I request a high quality makeover of a picture (specific)? 2. Is it for free or how much do I need to pay? To be honest I don't use Photoshop, but I'm always amazed by some Gurus in this culture. I wish you all a good weekend. NicSui
  14. S

    Please paste me into the photo of new york [I attempted first]

    Hello, Please can someone do a better job than me at pasting a photo of me on to this rooftop overlooking new york? I attempted it but it just don't look real, I don't know if it's the lighting or scaling or something, what do you guys think? I'm trying to make it good enough to fool a...
  15. S

    Me again with the Airplane

    Hi again, Would it be possible to lose all the buildings in the background horizon of this photo? Also, maybe a bit trickier, but lose the patch of grass in the bottom right, to make it all runway? Could it be possible to see just the buildings gone, and one of both gone. Thanks in advance...
  16. O

    hi guys i have a problem with PSD converting it to png

    hi guys I have created PSD web banner problem I don,t know how to make it suitable for web site without background I have already tried to convert it to png file but when I tried to put it to header of web site it shows with white backgrowd around please help me what I have done wrong...
  17. A

    tips for web designing

    Hello guys Ali here , recently our class teacher give is assignment " Design website in photoshop " . For this i want you guys to give me some tips about webdesign and ideas . Thanx in advance
  18. W

    rearrange and ameliorate

    Hello everyone I need to rearrange an image, but i dont really know how to do so. I got a logo which is in 1 layer, but the different shapes need to be rearranged but remain in the same colours etc... I created a fast remake, but for me it's impossible to make exactly the same colours...
  19. L

    Need help plz trying to create a corner shape

    Hi good Day. I don't know the correct words to call this but i added a picture. I wanted to create a double t like the picture for our wedding monogram. and also add a so it kind of reflect of of it or like a shadow on the ground in the middle. don't have a pic of that last meaning. But it's 3...
  20. M

    Album art/cd cover

    Hey guys I'm designing an album/ cd cover for a friend, you guys can take a look, and iv'e done one before but with 2d text, the text that is shown is created from cinema 4d with a resolution of 300dpi. so would i be best off doing a 3d text with illustrator as it'd come out better for printing...