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  1. C

    "Fake oil portrait" for my bro's birthday

    Hi guys! So I was thinking about giving my bro this fake oil portrait for his birthday... But unfortunately I don't even own Photoshop and quite frankly I'm useless with the free editors as well (I can somehow copy the face but I can't edit the colors so it looks like it's the oil painting...
  2. T

    Cs Go Team

    Hi guys, I’m here again to make another request, so I play in an amateur csgo team with some friends and we are looking for a new team logo and since you helped me the last time I decided to come again for help. So our team name is TugaThunders and we were thinking in 2 capital “T’s” in the...
  3. M

    can you guys change the camera to a fork

    hey, can you guys change the camera to a fork thnx
  4. R

    Hello from the Pacific Islands

    Found you guys in my desperate search for a solutions.
  5. N

    Make A text effect

    Hi, Can you guys show me how to make this text effect? Thanks guys!
  6. SepiaPhotographi

    Does Phogoshop Gurus Allow Fan-Art?

    I was wondering if you guys allow Photoshop'd fan art (since it is transformative)? Thanks..
  7. K

    Changing a photo to look like a different one

    Hello guys My name is Kyriacos and I am from Cyprus. I'm very new at photoshop and I want to make something but I don't know how. I want to change the first picture to look the same as the second one. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance
  8. I

    Photoshop request please lessen the blurriness in the 3rd image, the camera wasn't 100% focused Also please remove my double chin in the last photo, it was taken at an awkward angle Thank you so much guys, appreciate it :mrgreen:
  9. E

    Hello guys!

    Hello everyone! Just started using photoshop for the first time! Thought it'd be a nice to learn from the people of this forum and help if I have the skills to do so! Cheers guys!
  10. RobertsDigital

    Hello guys I'm new

    Hello guys. I'm Roberts. I joined to improve on my photoshop skills.
  11. C


    Hi Guys, Looking forward to learning something new about photoshop :)
  12. C

    Can someone change the background for me? Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me replace the background and change it with something else? I tried doing it myself but Photoshop is too hard for me.Maybe just remove the background (vehicles) so its only me in the picture or make the background blurred so I will be the only one shown or being...
  13. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How to draw a diamond in illustrator - Beginner tips

    I have made this tutorial today that i want to share with you guys, feedback would be really appriciated :thumbsup:
  14. G

    flag Request

    Hello guys, can u help me to create a flag like this? But i need a Black and White flags with another logos (animals dragon etc. or a new abstract logo) its for a empires in a video game if you just can make 1 its ok :) i hope you understand me guys greetings
  15. L

    Hello ^_^

    Hello everyone, I joined today in the hopes that someone would be able to help me with a photoshop request which I've been trying to get done for almost a month now. I look forward to meeting some of you guys and becoming a member of the community! :cheesygrin:
  16. J

    Can anyone get rid of the two guys in the background for me please? Thanks!

    thank you!
  17. S


    Hello guys, actually I don t know anything about PS :cry:,Can u guys help me to make this photo higher resolution.Thank you so much:wink:
  18. R

    Make me look slim!

    I posted a picture to be altered on here and loved it! thank you so so much to everyone who had a go doing it! I noticed on the photo I have awful fat rolls :(( wondered if anyone could please airbrush them out if it can be done? Want to get a nice framed photo of us al! lol Thank you again guys! x
  19. LemonLuuk

    Im back!

    I've been away for a while and im back. So what do you guys think about these 2 covers?
  20. J

    Transparent Background

    Hey Guys, Can anyone help me out and make these two pictures with transparent backgrounds . On the DT one, I would just want the black outside of the circle removed and for it to be a transparent (or white) background And the Capital QBs I would want the greyish background changed to...