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  1. S

    Need urgent help with resizing image :(

    Ok it may not sound as simple as the title describes, but ive been literally ****ing(sorry for bad word but this expresses my anxiety) with photoshop for few hours already and achieved no results, im really desperate guys... The goal i am trying to achieve is to resize a simple photo so it can...
  2. J

    Old skool illustration

    Hey guys, another question to put out there. Been in graphic design for a couple of years but never had that much of an educated background in the field so I often have questions concerning techniques / methods. I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of an idea as to how this sort of...
  3. Raptor.exe

    Some banners

    Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get your opinions on these banners I've made :) They are pretty simple, because I'm only at beginner levels :) I used character renders, and messed around with the background a lot with brushes and added some effects. I hope you guys like them!
  4. crzykate58

    Do. Love. Walk. Tshirt Design

    Hey guys! Wow it's been a while since i've been on here haha! well i've been practicing some typography on tshirts and found this design on google that i thought was pretty sweet, so i tried to replicate it, give or take a few things away since i needed mine to be more legible than the one i...
  5. P

    Can someone help me edit (remove stuff from a picture) ?

    can someone help me out to remove some elements from a picture? i would do it if i knew how. if any of you guys can help please pm me. thanks in advance
  6. P

    Need help with Infamous: Second Son effect

    Hey guys! I just got back into photoshop and I am a little rusty, and wondered if anyone could help me with these effects :) Edit: Do any of you guys know how to make the blue and pink lines? been struggling for a while now :s
  7. Z

    I love you guys

    just felt like saying it, you are all amazing! :cheesygrin: thanks for coping with me for so long XD
  8. T

    Hey guys!

    Good to be here!
  9. Carson

    Hey guys, I started a blog.

    I don't know if i'm allowed to post this link, but if I'm not i'm sure one of the PSG forum moderators will remove it. I have started a blogging site. I would appreciate it if you guys would sign-up. I'm going to frequently post new tutorials on there, and I'm going to keep updated posts. Also...