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Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn


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I'd like to share with you a little backstory to my request.
Few days ago a friend of mine learned about my favourite Star Wars character, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Upon sending her my photo(1) she started to wonder how would i look as a possible cosplayer and if i could be a good fit to play him.
Recently i looked for help on Reddit and found someone who almost nailed it but the person didn't finish the job(2).
I felt that the eyes needed a little bit more work to make iris and pupils more visible without changing the direction in which i was looking in the original photo(right in the camera lenses).
I'd like to ask you guys to help me out cause i really want to shock my friend but i don't want to copy-paste anything into the picture. Just changing the colour of the skin, hair and eyes to remind those of Thrawn would be perfect.
You can either start fresh from my photo or finish the guy's job. Either way will be fine and i will appreciate your effort.
I will also add some Thrawn pictures for the comparison and the look i was going for(3) (4) (5).
Best wishes and i'm looking forward to your response.
Thanks you,


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