1. Q

    Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, I'd like to share with you a little backstory to my request. Few days ago a friend of mine learned about my favourite Star Wars character, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Upon sending her my photo(1) she started to wonder how would i look as a possible cosplayer and if i could be a good...
  2. D

    Looking to hire someone to finish a mockup ($50+)

    Hello all, I am looking for someone to help me out of a jam. I need to mockup a truck with a food trailer and blend it in to a background. I can provide the psd files that have the truck and trailer separated and I can provide the background image I plan on using. I was supposed to finish this a...
  3. B

    Need help!

    Hi guys, I am having an annoying issue, when I opened my PS file these black artifacts came on the screen, I never created them. Any advice? I can can redo parts of the image but I have to finish them for tomorrow so its a pain. The second image was the white background layer, those black...
  4. B

    The art of nothingness: how to remove a person?

    Hello fellow Photoshoppers :cheesygrin: I have undertaken a bit of a quest trying to remove a person from a group photo. I've come as far as using the Clone Stamp but I got stuck at this stage and am not sure how to continue. This is the original picture, I'd like to remove the girl on the...
  5. agentmoeller

    Apropos of nothing....

    ... I thought of a logo for a men's clothing business (or whatever) and scratched it out at work yesterday. Thought I would finish it up in Illustrator.
  6. N

    Give an image an orange cast (was: Help to get an (orange) instergram (sic) effect)

    Hi , I am looking to create photos similar to these. Here are the effects i like to get》》 Very interested to know how the photos are adjusted for this finish in photoshop. here some images that anyone could try out. Thanks for helping!
  7. G

    Any advice on to how to make this enameling look more like, enamel?

    Hi, I´ve made this logo/sign (the black one) in illustrator and I´d need it to look more like enamel or metal finish. I´d prefered to do this in illustrator, to keep it scalable, but guessing it´s easier in PS? If so that will be ok for now. I like the finish of this red one I found. Any...
  8. R

    Some of my work

    Generally I like to design in 3d and finish in PS.
  9. M

    Tryng to replicate this

    Can anyone say how this was achieved? I think the gold part is like a foil finish, not sure
  10. S

    photoshop hangs when re sizing

    In order for my printer to print boarderless photos, there needs to be a 3mm boarder around the pic. What I have been doing is selecting the photo and resizing it in the top left by changing the percent size to milimeter size. Then subtracting 6 mm from the size and manually typing in that...
  11. K

    how to achieve this sharp effect

    i am mainly into taking pics of cars and want to learn to enhance the final images this is one of the effects that i really like. its mostly for night pics the pic looks extremely sharp almost like its painted or a cartoon i have some night pics i have shot recently and i would like to...
  12. W

    Help making a prairie/sky or a Park background

    I am very much new to Photoshop or would like to learn as much as possible. If anyone can point me toward a video or detailed instructions, I would truly appreciate it. I only have four or five days to finish the project. Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. Hoogle

    someone finish me off

    Ok I had an idea and it did not go to plan so this is what I have so far I am uploading the psd for anyone who wants to finish it off may do but I am not prepared to waste any more time on it an hour (just over) is enough time for me