1. M

    Reduce wrinkles from T-shirt

    Hi, Could some try to reduce the wrinkles from my T-shirt? I couldn't upload the pic to this forum without changing it, therefore I uploaded the original to Thanks in advance! PS: On second look I'd like to edit my face as well. I removed the bright spot of the sun...
  2. Q

    Colouring - Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, I'd like to share with you a little backstory to my request. Few days ago a friend of mine learned about my favourite Star Wars character, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Upon sending her my photo(1) she started to wonder how would i look as a possible cosplayer and if i could be a good...
  3. A

    Changing wheel and caliper colors

    I need some help changing the caliper color on this car. Please put all 3 caliper colors over the bronze colored wheels. OR you can just change the 3 photos of my car to have a bronze wheel like the other car whichever is easier.
  4. R

    Which tools to use?

    Hello This is my first post so I hope it's in the correct forum as I'm looking for advice as to how I make changes to this image vs. having someone just do the work for me. I would like to understand what the best technique is to changing the background being the letter 'ART CH' to match the...
  5. R

    Help please

    Hello, I want the white background of this photo to be transparent,but without changing anything in the hair,like not even the ones flying around,can someone do this please? Picture:
  6. D

    Getting white surround on PS document

    Hi Everyone, I was using the paint bucket at the time and somehow managed to color the surround area of the PS document. This white surround is coming up on all my documents now and I cannot seem to get rid of it, I've tried changing the workspace but that doesn't do anything. I've attached a...
  7. T

    What photoshop technique will get this job done?

    Although i know it may get very much so in dept , im looking to cover some of the basic techniques that may be used to acquire the color change effect in this photo. i like the idea of changing some of my images to blend with the background .
  8. L

    Need help changing this logo

    Wondering if anyone can change this logo to say BISCUITS. Cheers!
  9. B

    Cursor stuck as crosshair

    Photoshop CC v2015.1.2 Win10 64 Suddenly my cursor for everything including brushes and tools is stuck as a sort of crosshair. Changing it in preferences has no effect. Any ideas if this can be cured please?
  10. C

    Placing a pattern in a shirt w/ realistic look

    Hello, I generally consider myself pretty good at Photoshop but I'm completely stumped with this. I'm trying to put various patterns into a blank shirt and make it look as realistic as possible. I tried changing the pattern layer blending mode to Color but it practically disappeared. I guess...
  11. S

    Help changing a letter please?

    Hi everyone, if anyone could be helpful enough to change the Y in both of these pictures to a G I would be grateful. Thanks
  12. D

    Changing colour of soles on shoes

    edit: thank you IamSam
  13. DZRasta

    Acne removing and changing eye color

    This is my first post here, what do you think about it ?
  14. pslane

    Illustrator Rotating an object

    I notice when I try to rotate an object, this makes it distorted. Any way I can do this without changing the shape? Thanks pslane
  15. C

    video editing

    Hi There When editing a video consisting of several clips in PS, I want to crop individual clips without having this applied to the whole video (by cropping I mean changing the image size, not changing the time length of the clips). To explain what I am trying to do: different clips of talking...
  16. S

    Changing multiple images height and width at once?

    Can I change Width and Height settings on Multiple images at once if the changes are the same across all images?
  17. J

    Smart objects and perspective crop?

    Hi, so i am new here and to photoshop. I have been searching for the right tutorial for my problem, but i can't find it anywhere. I saw one guy doing this, but he did it so fast that i couldn't grasp the information. For him it was easy game. Where should i start... I am trying to put some...
  18. N

    Fix two jagged lines

    Good evening, I created this flag (click for larger version, original is 1800 x 1080 pixels): The lines of the white triangle however are very jagged. Would it be possible for someone to make those lines smooth without changing other details of this picture? Your help would be greatly...
  19. W

    Can I change a color globally by changing a swatch?

    I'm working on a web site and I have to change either the color of the nav bar or the color of about a third of the graphics (they're not photos; they're AIs colored with Pshop, and they're almost all two-color images). I really like the nav bar color, but it'd be a lot quicker to change that...