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Looking for someone to edit this(i wish i could do it)


Hello Photoshopguru's! I was hoping to have someone do this for me. I have had a go myself and they all turned out pretty bad to be honest and I cant help but hate them all when I try. I'm not sure if its too difficult to do or i am just not skilled enough in Photoshop. I know some of you are amazing at it!

I have 5 photos I want in this composite. I'm wanting them arranged in some sort of order. I have a background (second photo) that I want the pictures to go on and want them arranged like this: girl both outside pictures. then girl + baby on the second picture inwards, and then the man baby and girl in the middle.

With the background (second photo) I was hoping to keep the colours to a blue fade or whatever colour it is your choice. I'm not too bothered on the reflection at the bottom. You can just replace it with a complete black background if it makes it easier.

I only want as many blocks as I have pictures, please delete the rest? It seems complicated and I cannot figure out how to do it. I've seen some amazing work done on here so hopefully someone can help me out.

Good luck for those who are willing to try. Thanks in advance!


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Your very welcome.

For you (or anyone) who would like to see one way in which this effect can be done, I will include the psd file.

I have used smart objects so the colors of the panels/photos can quickly be changed by double clicking the (colored layer) smart object of each photo group. This will open a psb file. Double click the Color Fill layer thumbnail, change the color to whatever you like, close and save the psb file. This will update the reflection colors as well.

I did not make the photo layers into smart objects, but you can add different photos above the existing photos and then clip them. Since I did not use smart objects for the photo layers, the reflection will not update. Maybe next time!

You will get the general idea.