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  1. P

    Creepy hands under skin

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone know a solution for combining texture of one photo in to another. I was trying to make a look alike picture as IMG_0545 . It looks like there are hands under the skin. I have tried to get the same results by combining picture 'IMG_0546.jpg' with...
  2. T

    Photo removal and replacement individual [$10]

    Please photoshop me (asian guy) into this picture of my girlfriends family at the beach Please adjust my body to the shadow from the umbrella and proportion my body to match the rest of the people in the picture. If possible make it as realistic as possible in which it looks as if I was in the...
  3. S

    Need help! Very important, need it for a lecture i have this evening!

    Can someone remove the blemishes and spots on her face from the Vitruvian woman: And then make her look transparent like the Vitruvian man in this image: Also on the Vitruvian man could you remove his private part and instead just make it a continuation of his body Please this is a very...
  4. N

    Looking to hire someone to make layout, logo etc for my stream page

    Hey guys, Looking to hire someone to make my logo,layout etc for my stream (twitch). PM with your prices. Regards, night_wolf
  5. T

    Can you please make the sky a night one and do something about the blue wall?

    Make it at night and fix that blue wall
  6. F

    How can I remove the background of this image and make it all white in photoshop?

    Hi Everyone! How can I change the background color to pure white without removing the hair color? I've tried to use the background eraser and protect the foreground but I think because the background color is close to the actual pale blonde hair color, the eraser tool removes the hair...
  7. C

    Creating a Trading Card Game Frame

    Hello I'm not an expert at Photoshop by any means, but I know how to put a text in a box or cut someone's eyebrows out :mrgreen: Right now I'm trying to make a frame/template for my own game. I don't want anything too fancy, I was just trying to put a few boxes around and ended up with...
  8. T

    Looking for Tutorial On How to Make Graphics Similar to This for Instagram

    Hi all, newbie here. Not looking to create the exact same font/style etc, but wanting to make a nice looking infographic to engage my instagram followers. If there are any tutorials out there that anyone can point me towards to get started that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. J

    Duplicating or moving a layer makes it jump to top of list

    When I duplicate a layer, or move it's order, it automatically scrolls my layers list to make it at the top. Is there any way to stop that? I'm using photoshop CC.
  10. D

    Enhance old writing on buildings

    197 Is anyone able to enhance the text on these images to make out what it says, it is a faded building sign I can make out the first two lines as that says "Mayfield Station" and the thirdline the middle part of text says "trains to" but can anyone figure out what all the rest says, I am unable...
  11. A

    Removing shadows from faces

    Hi! I was wondering if somone could remove the shadows from under the faces to make it more clear? Thanks in advance !
  12. E

    Changing the direction of a shadow

    Had a few prom photos last night with my teachers, and with my English teacher's I noticed it was off-balanced, so I decided to move myself to the right of the photo so the teacher was in the centre. This posed a few problems and, given I'm okay with photoshop, I wasn't really prepared for how...
  13. J

    Blonder my hair

    Can see blonder my hair, and make my face look a little better some how lol.
  14. M

    Remove Hair Highlights

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help in removing the purple highlights from my hair to make it just blonde ? Thanks =)
  15. C

    "Fake oil portrait" for my bro's birthday

    Hi guys! So I was thinking about giving my bro this fake oil portrait for his birthday... But unfortunately I don't even own Photoshop and quite frankly I'm useless with the free editors as well (I can somehow copy the face but I can't edit the colors so it looks like it's the oil painting...
  16. U

    Colored and even picture

    Hi guys! I just need your help restoring the picture. Can we make this colored and make it even? I've edited the guy on the far right. I just want it to become realistic and don't look edited. Appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  17. T

    Wall Girl Graffiti

    it's my first wall graffiti. Give me your opinion how can I make it better. Before The wall: After:
  18. H

    Can somebody make me bald?

    Hi all, I would like to shave my hairs but I want to know it it's ok or not... Can somebody make me bald on this picture please? Thanks in advance
  19. P

    After Effects How to make this effect? (link attached).

    Please help me out how to make this kind of .gif I want to learn
  20. K


    A small request, could someone please make the background on the attached transparent? Thanks so much!!!