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Smearing two photos together


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Hi, thank you for letting me join. I'm a videographer and photographer and have been using Photoshop for most of my career. I often go to Photoshop for my graphics. I'm considering a cloud subscription, not sure though.

I've looked over the internet and havn't found a tutorial on smearing two photos together. I hope I explain this correctly. If I have two photos and wanted to make it look like one photos is smeared into the other, is that possible in Photoshop? So if I have a young kid and want to make that image smear to the right or left into an image where he looks older, is that possible.

I hope I explained this well enough. :)
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That's close. What's in my brain is; if I slow my shutter down really far on my camera and turn it, the picture will be full of streaks, like a smear. I want to do that with two photographs. That link is good though, I'm wondering if I can tweak it.
Hi Comsmichrist

Lots of ways depending on the creative effect

- In the image below, I duplicate the original image,
- then used the smudge tool several times to stretch from the boy to the man
- gave the upper Layer a Layer Mask
- Painted black over the boys and mans face or anywhere I did not want the smudge effect
- you can also can the opacity of the smudged layer as well.

No clue if this is similar to what you want you thought it was worth throwing out this idea

John Wheeler

Here's a slight variation on the theme. I'm not sure what you mean by spreading a deck of cards.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.58.51 PM.png
I agree with IamSam.

Is it possible that the effect you want is a transition from one picture to the other in a specific number of steps like a deck af cards?

Something like this?


or even

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Is a Simple Blend between 2 images what you have in mind?
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