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Q about cinemagraphs

Mads Hildebrandt

Well-Known Member
I've tried creating a couple of cinemagraphs, it ain't that hard, but I've got a little question, though. I think I do know the answer myself, as I think it may not be possible, but here goes anyway.

Let's say I'm filming the ocean. A seagull flies by at waterlevel. I then would like to freeze the water but having the seagull fly through the frame. But when masking where I want the video to show, I'd need to make the video show along the whole path of the gulls which would make the waves show in that path, and that would look stupid. Is it possible to freeze the water and have the gull fly through without showing the movement of the waves where the gull is flying?

If the gull was just flying over the water in the horizon there would be no problem, of cause, but I'm just wondering if, what I just asked, is possible.
Hmm, but when the gull is leaving the frame, the mask would still be there, left behind, so to speak, wouldn?t it, making the waves movement show.
Oh, of cause, I would have to erase the mask for every single frame where the gull is leaving the mask. Maybe it could work. How do I skip just one frame at a time? I?m totally new to editing video.