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  1. M

    Q about cinemagraphs

    I've tried creating a couple of cinemagraphs, it ain't that hard, but I've got a little question, though. I think I do know the answer myself, as I think it may not be possible, but here goes anyway. Let's say I'm filming the ocean. A seagull flies by at waterlevel. I then would like to freeze...
  2. P

    not sure how to describe or fix this problem

    I'm not sure why those big squares are there? I'm trying to fill the background with a gradient but it either doesn't show up or does this. Thanks for the help.
  3. R

    How can I emulate this look?

    Hi guys, I have volunteered to do some shots at work for employee of the month and I want to do an exagerrated "hero" look for a laugh like the pic attached. I know how to light the subject, make a good selection and put them into an appropriate background but does anyone know of a book or video...
  4. I

    Can someone remove my earphone from the picture ? :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any one could help me to remove the earphone on this picture! Thanks guys !
  5. N

    Can any one help with a gone wrong tattoo. A new design?

    Hello to all. When i was about 17 I let my brother tattoo my arm a bad mistake. 5 years later I went to what i thought was a professional and they messed it up even more. I am now scared to go to someone else in case they make it even worse. This is my last chance to make it right. Can any one...
  6. S

    how to make this gradient box ?

    hi all this is my first post in this form, i would like someone to show me how to do something like this image below, (the gradient blue box )
  7. chrisdesign

    3D Amazing Pipe Maze

    It looks like I can't get my hands off the pipes. Well that was a good BLENDER exercise, but I lost the orientation a few times during the work. The first image is a render of the original creation. The following 4 images show 'zoomed in' details, though I rendered them all from different angles.
  8. N

    Make A text effect

    Hi, Can you guys show me how to make this text effect? Thanks guys!
  9. N

    Once upon a time illustation effect help

    Hello all. I'm trying to create a Once upon a time style story book for my wife for mother's day because she is a huge fan of the show. I'd like to recreate the effect on the photos as they appear on the show. The photos are clearly freeze frames from video that have been rendered through a...
  10. S

    Passat R36

    Hi, I did this today... comments and critique are welcome :)
  11. P

    Howdy From SE Texas

    Hello all, newbie here from Conroe Texas. Im a Harley enthusiast and custom bike/trike shop owner and also own a busy motorcycle trike forum. Papa Zook
  12. S

    Greyscale effect.

    Hi Gurus, Please add to this photos a nice greyscale effect in special, if you have a better idea show me. Try to do not break quality. Thank you in advance!!
  13. inkpad.t

    Sites Show Board.

    Seems when i log in that the sites show board section is no longer visible... has it been removed or amalgamated with another section ?
  14. agentmoeller

    Stranger Things

    Millie Brown from the Netflix show Stranger Things.
  15. M

    Changing dress's color

    Can anyone help me with this problem. I want to turn this dress into white without damaging all the patterns but it seems impossible. I really appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem and show me step by step how to do this. Thank you so much
  16. A

    Hello, this forum looks high potential

    Hello, I have to do minor work in Photoshop for a slide show, and this forum looks quite promising ..
  17. I

    Greeting from Israel

    Hello I'm new here My name is Itay I'm from Israel, 16 years old. I dont know if I'm good in Photoshop but there is ne of my work down here no filters at all before...
  18. N

    Make a text effect

    Hi guys, Can anyone show me how make a text effect like this: Thank you very much.
  19. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Art Deco Clock

    End of July 2016 I open my next exebition and show my Steampunk images. I plan to show my 3D work too. This new creation is one of them. It'll be an exebition in Zürich together with the famous Swiss Steampunker Dan Aethermann. He builds real Steampunk equipment, devices and gadgets. See...
  20. B

    Request- I need some creative help.

    Hello Im new to this community. I took some light photography the other day but want to spruce it up. I can send a link to the google drive folder where there in raw format. I put an example there to show a creative idea i had. Its called EXAMPLE IDEA.jpg Thanks so much. Go WILD ...