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  1. M

    Specific Edit the water to look normal

    hey quick explain is that I have a very old camara that can go into the water , but pictures are not the best and many times drops get in the way I want to send this to my mother for her to see the beauty but there is a big drop in the picture making it dizzy, Can soemone please to make the...
  2. P

    Specific Giant Water Bottle

    Hello Gurus, I have a running joke with a friend that water bottles are becoming too big and inconvenient to carry around. I came across an already large "Kirkland" water bottle and was wondering if anyone could make it absurdly big? I took two up-close photos and a zoomed out photo (to...
  3. C

    Specific can you make this shot more cinematic?

    Alright I have this amazing shot, taken with a dome, but it was taken in portrait mode with a GoPro... I was wondering if it is possible to make this portrait photo a landscape and square photo? I would really love to be able to use it as a background on my computer ! I tried it myself in...
  4. M

    Q about cinemagraphs

    I've tried creating a couple of cinemagraphs, it ain't that hard, but I've got a little question, though. I think I do know the answer myself, as I think it may not be possible, but here goes anyway. Let's say I'm filming the ocean. A seagull flies by at waterlevel. I then would like to freeze...
  5. D

    Photo edit request! Background removal

    Hi there, I was hoping someone way more skilled than I could could edit this photo to remove the background and leave only the horse, Rider, bow and if possible the trail of water splashes. I want to turn it into a solid black silhouette for a logo. Thank you for any help, I appreciate it very...
  6. MikeMc

    IRMA'S Florida

    Me, we are hunkering down as it gonna be a quick mover Saturday 8ish is our date. We live on the southwestern corner of FL...about 100 miles as the crow flies from Key West. water for bathing, Ice for cocktails and keeping food cold, A friend will be by soon , so we are almost set, Work...
  7. gedstar

    36 hours and no water

    It's been 36 hours where I live and we have no mains water, that means no shower, no washing. no cooking, no flushing the toilet, OMG it smells here :biglaff: and I can't even water down my whiskey :bustagut: Welcome to Ireland 2017 or is it 1930 :cheesygrin:
  8. N

    Water Drops on Lenses

    Could someone please remove the water drops that are on the camera in this picture, Thank you so much!! // if anyone else also wanted to add some realistic but cool fixes / improvements, I wouldn't be opposed! ;)
  9. J

    Change the color of water

    The water is really yellow/brown in the photo, please edit to blue, the type of blue is up to you Thank you
  10. W

    Shooting fireballs edit

    Hello! I had these photos taken yesterday. Would anyone be able to do this: 1. Crop the bottom of the photo, as I think the feet don't really look good. 2. Make it look like I'm shooting fire / lightning from my hands (or go ahead and use your imagination like shooting water, lasers...
  11. M

    $15 request. Need water color and exposure changed

    SOLVED Note: The file size on Dropbox is around 6MB And pixels of 6000x4000. If my Dropbox doesn't allow you the full res., let me know. I will try to fix that in the morning. Going to sleep now Hello, I need help in photoshopping a picture to make it look better overall and to make the water...
  12. K

    Water Flower: Water Study [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    This personal study I'm focusing a bit more on manipulating water, an area I'm completely new on. :cheesygrin:
  13. M

    Please remove shadow in water from cloud, and make sky less cloudy

    Can someone remove the large shadow in the water (the dark shadow in the upper middle portion of the water/picture that doesn't match the rest of the water, and maybe remove the smaller dark shadows above that one) due to the clouds overhead? Also can you make the sky less cloudy? Thanks in...
  14. M

    Water effects

    Hi guys I've been working on this image for a week or two, and I'm getting a bit stumped with certain elements. particularly some effects with water In my head, I'm imagining water coming the side of the machine and falling waterfall style to the lake below. the problem I have is that either...
  15. B

    please remove the girls in the water

    Please remove the girls from the water
  16. A

    How to draw a water glass

    Hi, I'm really bad in pen tool and I need to draw a glass like it, how can I do it? Thanks for help!
  17. O

    Bioshock photo edit for a project

    I am looking to see if anyone can possibly assist me in editing a Bioshock photo. In particular I was hoping to see if anyone could add some fish and or a whale just outside the windows of the image. even shadows would be fine though I would like them to be in the same style as the picture...
  18. R

    Putting stars in water reflection

    Hello, This is an image I'm practicing composites with: How would I go about putting some stars in the water reflections and making it look as 'natural' as possible? FYI - the bridge reflection is how it looked to the naked eye (water was totally still). Thanks, Tom
  19. B

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ??

    Gurus is there any way we can add water mark to a video using Photoshop ?? If it so can you give em a tutorial or something.Thank you !!
  20. D

    Object removeal

    Hello everyone!! I have a request for who ever would like to take up the challenge to help me fix this picture to how I want it. Long story short this is the last picture we have of our lake before it drained due to a dam break. Could someone please remove the pier, and both rafts the one on...