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  1. TravisHD

    Album Recreation - Skrillex

    I was assigned to recreate an album cover of my choice for my advanced image manipulation class at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. I chose Skrillex – More Monsters and Sprites – Original Album Cover Here.
  2. H

    Water Images

    I work with a photographer that specializes in high school senior portraits. He has been doing more and more water photography lately and here are a few photos that we have edited. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  3. D

    Water Splash seahorse ! .. plz ratee

    Please ratee,commnt .. this is my latest water manipulation try!..not a professional, so gime feedback :) If you likd tis plz visit ...gud day!
  4. Bronson

    I Want to Turn a Whale into Water

    I'm working on a photoshop composition and I need to do some special effects, namely turning a whale into water. I found a similar picture of what I'm referring to where someone turned horses into hair. Here's what I mean: So, is there any way I can have a similar effect with water such as...
  5. R

    Water damaged

    I have a picture from a a lady at my church that is the only picture she has left of her father and it was damaged in hurricane Katrina. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?
  6. M

    Water Drops!