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  1. Todoroki16315

    Specific Make face look nice and change lighting

    Hey. I would like you to make the lighting on my face look very natural and make me look very handsome. Could you also blur out the background if possible. Thank you.
  2. furyy


    Hey guys! I'm from Indonesia. I'm a male. I study biology and play video games a lot, but I'd really like to learn photoshop. This looks like a very nice forum. Glad to join the PSG!
  3. T

    Hello people :3

    I really don't have that good of photoshop skills and I joined to look at how others do their photoshops. So im happy to be here and nice to meet you all :3 :cheesygrin:
  4. C

    Graffiti request with sportscar

    Hi all! I just took a photoshoot with my car in my city (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Normally this place is great for a shoot because there is some nice graffiti on the walls. Unfortunately the walls are very boring today :confused: So I have an idea!! Can someone create some nice graffiti...
  5. P

    Photoshop these people together

    It's my friend's birthday and I wanted to gift him a photo of him and his father. Included are a photo of the father on a beach, and a photo of me and my friend(he's the one in white), and also an example of how I'd like them to be positioned, but you don't have to do it like that. Thanks...
  6. S

    Finished works

    Hi everyone, I was/am wondering what people do with their finished work? I mean I guess not everyone here uses PS for their jobs and just like to create/design stuff for fun, like myself . For example I have loads of photoshopped cars and those are just sitting on my harddrive. Besides the...
  7. D

    What is this type of effect?

    I'm wondering if there is a technical name for this type of effect? I just did a google search for "gradient map design", but I really only found a few examples of what I was looking for. Also, I think I have an idea of how to create this effect, but if anyone has a nice tutorial, it would be...
  8. fogo00

    Hi everybody. Um.. I didn't make an introduction, so here it is XD

    I'm a 17 yo brasillian guy (sorry for english mistakes), and wanted to practice/learn more about photoshop because I'm gonna use it a lot on my job (I'm aiming at game designer), and this forum is a great way to practice, ask questions and see how others do it. People here are also very polite...
  9. E

    Looking for pictures to practice on

    Hi! As I have already said in my introduction post I'm new in photoshop, so I need to practice a lot on a lot of pictures. Btw I haven't found any good web site where i can find nice pictures (since all the photos in google images are all already photoshopped) and I hope you could help me. Thanks.
  10. B

    Remove grit from image

    Hi guys I'd like to have the white grit removed from this photo, unfortunately I'm failing miserably when trying to do it myself. It would be nice to get the picture look smooth. Would any of you guys be able to help me, please? Thanks for considering!
  11. P

    $10 request! Bikini pic edit.

    My upper lip is tucked in and it looks strange. Also my boobs are too far apart in this swimsuit so some shading/cleavage would be nice, along with any other slimming/beautifying effects :cheesygrin: Thank you so much!
  12. DaringSerenity

    My name is Katelyn, nice to meet you all!

    Hi there fellow Photoshop Gurus ^^. As the title states, my name is Katelyn, I'm from New Mexico, and I've been using Photoshop since the late 90's. Nice to meet you!
  13. B


    hi,im a new member there (as if u didn't know lel). i make clothes graphics,logos and video editings. I registered in this forum as i find it really interesting for what i'm doing,and also because the community here seems really nice and helpful. I'm sure i'm gonna enjoy this forum. hope y'all...
  14. GiovanniPiris


    Hey guys! Just figured I'd post a quick introduction here before posting! I've been using photoshop ever since I was about 14 - I'm 22 new so by no means am I beginner. I'd probably consider myself intermediate, as I really only use the program for specific things that I do on a regular...
  15. B

    Low resolution photo, client wants enlargement, how can I do this?

    Hi! I did this on my phone from a basic photo editing app, a client wants a 25 x 35 poster made, but if I make it over 5x7, it looks awful, how can I make the image look less pixellated/ fuzzy close up? Please let me know, thanks! I've already tried a bunch of different things, I'm including the...
  16. S

    Hello How r u

    My names is Sofi Kova u can find me on facebook, i like to photoshop people, like to make them nice))) i just learned photoshop and id like u to correct me , while im gonna send pics before and after
  17. R

    Make me look slim!

    I posted a picture to be altered on here and loved it! thank you so so much to everyone who had a go doing it! I noticed on the photo I have awful fat rolls :(( wondered if anyone could please airbrush them out if it can be done? Want to get a nice framed photo of us al! lol Thank you again guys! x
  18. N

    Seeking the publics help! 911 Emergency!

    Hey all, I recently had a break in at my apartment and I think I caught the culprit on camera, Its a little dark so I cant quite make out what he looks like and its been years since i've done any photo editing so im looking for the publics help on this one. I'd really love to have a nice clear...
  19. Pipsmom

    Painting a black and white, need a answer

    After a lot of reading lately I started today on this project just for fun and practice really but something odd happened and I don't know where it all went wrong. As it's work in progress I need to know what Not to do so it doesn't happen again tomorrow. I started off after healing then...
  20. O

    request for photoshop: airplanes in formation

    A friend of mine is retiring, and we are offering him a nice present: a flight on a "yak". It would be great to accompany this with a nice picture. If possible could someone put together these two pictures? from the formation of four the background would need to be coloured blue so it could...