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  1. G

    3D Lowpoly Skull

    Hello everyone, Here is an easy process to create a nice Lowpoly Skull! Thanks for watching!
  2. M

    Can someone help with my picture

    Hi, I wanted to ask if someone could help me with this photo. I'd like to have a nice photo in my ID for once and the ones taken here in London are awful. Not sure it will work with the quality of the photo quite low, but if someone could help me with removing the light rays from the photo...
  3. P

    Need Clan Logo, Help?

    123 delete this please
  4. F

    We have a winner!

    Our local internet newspaper ran a little contest on holiday photography. Most people sent in photo's from exotic places, I chose a little landscape I found on a beautiful walk with my dogs. So one day, I got a nice mail, telling me I had won a prize. The prize is a stone grill diner for two...
  5. Rekov

    Greetings from rainy Oregon

    I am mostly a 3D artist, not a 2D artist, but I find myself using Photoshop often enough for making textures, so I thought it might be nice to have a place to ask questions every now and then.
  6. hershy314

    First Portrait

    My brother, his wife and one of their kids to pick up a boat we had given them. They'd get more use out of it than we would. While they was here I had my nephew get in the boat and take his pic. I have never took anyone's photo before, but always wanted to try it. I like how this came out, but...
  7. L

    Can someone enhance this photo please! :)

    hello can sombody enhance this photo for me if its possible ?:) that volud be very nice :D
  8. A

    3D Could you give me some advices about how to improve this image?

    First time I use 3d studio max and Mental Ray, so I have obtained a very bad quality render. Anyway, since the beginning, I didn't want to obtain a photorealistic picture, but only a nice one. I attach the render and the modified immage. I'll be glad and thankful if you can help me with some...
  9. Mageeec

    hey everyone!

    Hey Everyone! im new here! nice to meet you guys! :cheesygrin:
  10. M

    Hello Community

    Stumbled upon the site while intrawebbing. Looks like a nice place. Glad to be here.
  11. L

    Help with making a hand-made logo a digital logo

    Hey guys, I'm new here! First of all forgive my bad grammar, English is not my first language. Anyways, here is my problem: A friend of mine sent me this logo he made and asked me if I could make it on Photoshop. I said I could try. This is the logo he sent me: I have NO IDEA how to do...
  12. E

    After Effects [Request] Music Video

    Hey there Guru's, First off, I have no idea if I'm supposed to post this here, but the request section is for Photoshop and I couldn't find one for AAE. Anyway, I'm a Deep House producer and I can do some basic GFX. I've worked with AAE at school some years ago, and I can make some visualizers...
  13. P


    Hey! I'm Pierce. I'm trying to get into toy-photography as a hobby. Looking for some tips and ways to grow! Other than that, I'm a musician, philosophy-student and a writer. Nice to meet ya!
  14. F

    Hello everyone

    Hello my name is supri, i'am from indonesia. I'am very glad to become member of this forum, nice to know you all photoshop guru's (master).
  15. Marc_Gforce

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, I'm Anh from Vietnam. Basically, I'm a beginner in photoshop so I'd like to learn new things. Nice to meet you!
  16. G

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm an italian web designer based in Vietnam, I mostly use Illustrator and Photoshop. Nice to meet you!
  17. Eggy

    A nice site for vintage photography

    A nice site for vintage photography: 'The New York Public Library Digital Collections'
  18. Tom Mann

    A nice hike and the first snow of the season for us

    Inspired by the challenge thread about a winter without any snow, I decide to post some actual photos (not composite images) of what the very first snow of the season looked like in this area. Yesterday, a friend and I took a nice 7 or 8 mile afternoon hike on the Appalachian Trail just north...
  19. J

    Good entry level dslr?

    Hi, I've been dabbling in compositing with stock photos and am realizing it would really help if I started taking my own. Some years ago I had a nice film slr nikon. Now I'm looking at the Nikon D3300 with a sigma 18-250 lens. My main use would be fantasy style portraits and random compositing...
  20. F

    Nice app!

    When seeing what I did to Chrisdesign's girl with closed eyes, my BFF said : "o it's nice all those apps now, you can change anything in seconds." :banghead: