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request for photoshop: airplanes in formation


A friend of mine is retiring, and we are offering him a nice present: a flight on a "yak". It would be great to accompany this with a nice picture. If possible could someone put together these two pictures?

KLM 747.pngyak 4.png

from the formation of four the background would need to be coloured blue so it could fit in the other picture.

Thanks very much if someone would do this for me!

I'm planning to have a nice print made from it for my mate
Hello and welcome to PSG.

Just a few obsrevations on your request. The biggest part of making any composite look realistic is when you can match the color, color balance, sharpness, lighting, texture, shadows, etc., but most importantly you have to have a similar if not perfect perspective to sell the composite.

Here you have two photos with the aircraft in entirely different perspectives. You can not make these look as though they were flying in formation. The best you could expect would be in making the the airliner look as though it were peeling off the Yak formation.

Good luck.
Dear Sam ( and others) i do understand! however i'm in desperate need of a picture ( i need to send it of to be printed) so i don't mind if the perspective is not quite right. Thanks for your help. i don't have photoshop on my Macbook, so appreciate any picture :wave2: