1. J

    Specific Please remove the trash bin?

    Hey, Please, could someone remove the trash bin in the lower center of the picture, on the pathway. It's kinda small but there are two trash bins in the picture, ignore the bluish one on the left, I'm just gonna crop it out, but could someone please remove the one on the right ?? Thanks.
  2. T

    Specific Remove small details from skyline?

    Hi, I have a pic of NYC skyline would like some details removed from them. I have included the original picture (1) and a pic where I show the details I would like to have off (2). 1) Original 2) See the marks So basically if anyone could remove - the yellow boat - the two things in the...
  3. T

    Specific Need people removed from 3 pictures?

    Hi everyone, I have three pictures that would require people to be removed. I've put them in order of how challenging it might be (?) lol. Much appreciation to anyone who bothers with these. Some notes: 1) For the Seville picture, obviously just the small people in the background 2) The small...
  4. O

    Specific Remove part of a drawing (Clear A'tuin paw, Terry Pratchett, Discworld Map)

    Hello everyone ! For a personal creation I need a picture of A'tuin, the discworld tortoise, with all skin part uncovered. I want to remove hippos, owl and "angel" wings part whose are in front of the tortoise paw/leg. Unfortunatly, my desing skill are not that good. Best resolution I can...
  5. M

    How to get rid of weird color glares

    Hi! I'm not an expert in photography so I can't really say what was wrong with original pictures but after editing I've very strange looking colors. So the first image: I need to remove blue color. As an option replace it with proper gray. Make blue areas less blurry and outstanding Second...
  6. V

    Remove guest from wedding photos (Please)

    Hi, I have never used anything like this before but was recommended this forum by a friend. Last month we got married, We had a lovely day apart from the fact my "sister in law" and her friends decided they had fallen out with us (for some reason we are yet to be told). They spent the whole day...
  7. A

    Railings remove request!

    Hello! Is it possible to remove the railings (both on right and left)? Thanks in advance. (the blur is ok, don't worry:lol:)
  8. B

    Please help me with the sunglasses!

    Hi! Could someone please remove what is in the sunglasses but put in something that also looks realistic, like mirroring or remove the arm part? Not sure if it can be done but I figured it was worth a try! Thank you.
  9. K

    Can someone kindly help me to change the colour & remove the writing in this photo...

    Can someone please kindly help me to change the colour of the first photo (pink and white) to the second photo (grey and yellow) and remove the writing of the first photo. Thanks.
  10. S

    Photo has darken areas

    Hi I have a photo, which has darken areas within the photo. Need to remove the dark areas. I attached the photo herewith for your information. How do I remove the darken areas of the photo? Any suggestion, please? Thanks. Sanil.
  11. furyy

    Please remove the lady from this image

    Hey guys! Can you help remove the lady on the right and match the lighting of the skirt? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. J

    Remove snapchat title

    Can somebody please remove the "buzz smyth 32s ago from the top left corner", thank you in advance
  13. A

    Background remove couple love

    Hi im asking for background remove but im not sure wich photo to ask from you to remove background so i will post 3 photos so you pick the best one you think it will fit on my logo thanks #1 i think the best but colors of logo and this are too different Here you have the logo to compare...
  14. K

    Need help with logo design, transparency issue? Grey around outside of logo

    Hi there, not too sure if this is in the right section but I'm having troubles with a logo I've designed for my design class and need some help fixing it. I made the mistake of designing it in photoshop rather than illustrator and when I used the magic wand tool to remove the background, a bit...
  15. T

    Please remove people in background and also blonde lady in leopard blouse

    Could someone Please remove people in the background and also possibly remove long-haired blonde lady (2nd from right) in leopard blouse? If possible, Thanks so much!
  16. A

    2 babys remove background please :)

    Hi im asking for someone to remove the background of this pics so everyone can pick and send what he liked the most to remove background from them i need to put them in this logo so what you think will lay the best from these baby and couple pics thanks I prefer this #1 most this one is better...
  17. T

    Please remove man in background and pen out of my hand

    Hi There, Could someone please remove the man in the background (and also the lion head fountain behind his head) and just make the wall that stucco salmon colored finish. Also, I'd like the green sharpie marker removed from my hand. Many thanks!!!
  18. J

    need help with removal of a shadow

    delete this thread please Mod Edit: this thread will not be deleted but closed. PM sent to OP
  19. Nestorius

    Remove background-resize

    Hey guys, After many sites became monetized, I have difficulties in removing the background of images. Only lunapic seems to be available, but it's far from practical, in my opinion. Anyway, could anyone please remove the background from these two images, leaving only the faces and the collar...
  20. R

    Can somebody move tire tracks from sand ?

    Hi, can someone remove the tire tracks from Sand and foot prints? Also could you remove the black splotch on the upper right chest of female? Thanks