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  1. M

    Please remove guy from photo with my husband pretty please !!

    Would anyone be willing to help me please fix this photo. I have tried but I'm not good at photoshop. This is of my husband who recently died on the job. This photo is the only actual picture of him at work I have. Could you please : remove the guy in the white glasses giving him bunny ears...
  2. J

    Could someone remove sign from this photo please

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me with this image. I need to remove the toilet sign hanging from the ceiling in the top left corner and obviously edit the space left to be a continuation of the wall/ceiling. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  3. L

    Remove Thumb

    Any help to remove the thumb from this picture would be great. Many thanks! <3
  4. L

    Photoshop Request - Remove Text and Clean Up the Image

    I have this image that was screenshot from a video so it's blurry and has hard-coded text in it. I tried to remove it using the Polygonal Lasso tool and the fill (content-aware) functionality but my result was hella ugly. Can anyone help me out?
  5. D

    please help me

    can you make the qr code more visible? or just remove the background and dont delete the qr code
  6. A

    Remove leg fat and color correction

    Hi guys, can you remove the fat inside the thighs? then if you have a nice color correction i'll love you. Here's the photo: Thank you guys!
  7. S

    Just A Quick Help

    Hello, Can you please remove the wetness from my shoe? It's killing me!! Thank you!
  8. starbird

    How to open a pdf in Photoshop 6

    How do I open a pdf in PS6? I have watched some You Tube videos about import and dragging it onto PS and an export. NOTHING works. I need to open it to remove the ads before I post the pdf on my web site. I am utterly lost with this. since I have several articles to post. I have the author's...
  9. M

    Remove round plate?

    Hi everyone, I just got married on 6/9 and didn't hire as great of a photographer as advertised. Could someone please remove the round sewer plate next to us in this photo? I've already removed the chapel sign behind our heads, but am having difficulty with the plate. Thanks so much!!!:)
  10. S

    Beach fix

    Could someone please remove the lady ahead and to the left of the three of us? And then, please remove the writing on my daughter's purple tank top, leaving it all purple? It would be great if you could remove the writing from the reflection as well? Thanks!
  11. O

    Remove the cows from this photo?

    Hi, i was wondering if it is at all possible to remove the cows from this image of a street in London during WW2. The people are fine, and so is the dog, but i would really appreciate it if the cows could be taken out. Thanks
  12. MariaT

    Remove person and change bikini colour

    Hi If possible can the following changes please be made: Girl on Right: Bikini colour changed to pink Rest of picture: remove other girl! Sea made more 'blue' and background brightened up more (less dull than it looks)...
  13. T

    Could you remove the people in the background of these photos

    Hi! I graduated from Southbank Centre last week but it was very crowded so there are lots of people in the background of my pictures. I was just wondering if anyone is able to remove the people in the background of these three pictures. Thank you!
  14. I

    Can someone remove my earphone from the picture ? :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any one could help me to remove the earphone on this picture! Thanks guys !
  15. P

    Remove Object From Image

    Hey guys, I need to remove the lower surfer from this image(I'm the one with the blue shirt) :
  16. J

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me in the picture

    Please could someone help me remove the girl and put me instead the first picture. I want to be in similar position to her. Many thanks.
  17. N

    Water Drops on Lenses

    Could someone please remove the water drops that are on the camera in this picture, Thank you so much!! // if anyone else also wanted to add some realistic but cool fixes / improvements, I wouldn't be opposed! ;)
  18. T

    Please help with my photo

    Hello I got one photoshop request! First I want to say that I am sorry for my bad english. So my request is that I want to ask you can you remove one shoulder of a guy in my engagement photo? I will send you two photos. On the one of the photo I draw a circle to mark which shoulder I want to...
  19. C

    Can anyone remove the towaway signs?

    Could someone please remove the red and white towaway signs in the picture? And if possible could you also enhance the photo in any way? Like improving the resolution or messing around with the contrast to make it better Thanks in advance
  20. J

    help me remove the reflection names at bottom

    help me remove the text hi i need some1 to help me to remove these text circled in red from the pics thanks in advance