1. Inkz

    Composite Photomanipulation: It's Done

    Hey everyone. Most PSG oldies would know I started of here years ago posting up Photomanipulations over and over again. I found creating them was such fun and great practice. Anyway, not done one in ages and had spare time to indulge. My idea for this was to have a futuristic model in and...
  2. T

    Please remove chair from background

    Please remove the plastic chair from the background. THANK YOU!!
  3. C

    Photoshop edit please

    Please photoshop to remove the girl in the background Thanks
  4. V

    Remove/replace background from selfie picture

    Hey guys, Can someone please remove and replace the background in the selfie below? I'd like to use it for my job application. Not sure what color would be best (grey perhaps?), but I'm sure you'll figure something out :) Thank you!
  5. S

    Background changing

    Can u please Change the background with some sort of town area with buildings n all
  6. M

    Photoshop request - matching colors with the background

    Hey! Can someone help me to adjust a bit the colors of the picture that the person would match better with the background?
  7. D

    please help me

    can you make the qr code more visible? or just remove the background and dont delete the qr code
  8. L

    Please help

    Hello all new to the site and know nothing about editing. I need the photo with a solid white background. Thank you so much
  9. D

    Looking to hire someone to finish a mockup ($50+)

    Hello all, I am looking for someone to help me out of a jam. I need to mockup a truck with a food trailer and blend it in to a background. I can provide the psd files that have the truck and trailer separated and I can provide the background image I plan on using. I was supposed to finish this a...
  10. N

    Remove Background

    Good morning everyone. New to the forum. I would just like to get my logo's background removed, because the white background screws it all. Thank you very much. PDF Download:
  11. E

    Please help me smoothen this :(

    I just got a new phone and the screen is HD so when I try to set this as my background its just so pixelated, any chance a genius could make it a bit better? Love!!
  12. T

    Could you remove the people in the background of these photos

    Hi! I graduated from Southbank Centre last week but it was very crowded so there are lots of people in the background of my pictures. I was just wondering if anyone is able to remove the people in the background of these three pictures. Thank you!
  13. A

    I need someone to Photoshop this, please.

    Can some please get rid of the fake looking pistol and put in a realistic looking one and get rid of the yellow background?
  14. T

    Help with PNG Images having specks in transparent background

    Hi all, I can't seem to find the answer to this. I am painting watercolors, scanning them, opening the scan in photoshop elements then editing and saving as PNG image so they will have a transparent background. I plan to start selling my work in this downloadable format soon. I thought is was...
  15. L

    Hi from Hampshire and/or Calgary

    Hi, I travel frequently between Hampshire UK and Calgary Alberta. While traveling I like to spend my time improving my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. Currently I'm trying to use Adobe CC apps to produce images for transfer to canvas as oil and acrylic paintings. My main task at the...
  16. Pipsmom


    I was reading comments on another topic where you were discussing mirrors. Not wanting to be off subject in his topic I'm asking separately now. I'm have a old picture I'm restoring ( the one below is the orginal and not what I have done in PS so far). I would like to know what's the basic rules...
  17. D

    Coloring effect

    Trying to crack this grey/green/textured effect that I'm seeing in portraits lately, especially this guys work: Honestly any general notes on his use of tweaking the color profile would be welcomed. There are definitely specific things he does depending on...
  18. E

    Two Photos

    Hello, Can someone help me out with two photos!? I would like the stage in the background of the first photo to be removed and then if possible... to have the firework added to the background :) Thanks
  19. E

    Can someone photoshop the boat out of the background, super appreciated!

    Can someone please photoshop the boat out of the background, super appreciated!