1. F

    How to remove background img with glass object

    Hey guys I am building a smoke shop website for my client he sent me some photos... i would like to make the image look like this image here: Here is what i got: Trying to add pictures to the website without a background...Any advise would be greatly appreciated.. Also: I was thinking...
  2. DiaGraphics

    How To Cut Out An Object In Adobe Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will learn how to cut out an object in adoe photoshop. This is very useful when you don't want a distrcting background in your image or if you want to replace the background with something else. This technique is also commonly use for product photography or when you need to...
  3. Rumpelstinsk

    Epic Background - Computer

    Hi. This request it's only for having some fun. I don't need something in particular, just some ideas to customize the picture. We are a new team of computer enginieers that has just start on a new company, and i would be glad if you can chop the picture to make some laugh on the internal meetings.
  4. K

    Help Removing Background

    Hi, i need help removing the background for this photo And do something like this I tried but the borders arent soft enough. Thanks in advance :D Regards
  5. S

    Photo of my 2 year old daughter

    Please help me. My wife took an amazing shot of my daughter with a crappy background. I would like to get a canvas photo made of this picture, but the background is blah. I tried and failed.Please help.
  6. M

    Can someone photoshop my cat and add a background?

    Need my cat as a profile picture, but I need some background, I'm not exactly sure what would fit, maybe space I don't care as long as it looks good, thanks.
  7. R

    Blending two tones

    Hi I had to cut a section out of background of the attached image, to bring the products closer together, both vertically and horizontally (there was a larger gap between the coasters). Where I've cut a section out of the middle horizontally and moved the bottom of the image up, you'll notice...
  8. K

    can anyone help

    i have a few thing that need to be done i have a background image that need a canvas and a few buttons to be more like apple buttons but will match background color red stays red green is green i dont like the blue i would like a color that would go well with the background anyone can help (I...
  9. B

    A bit of a challenge?

    The assignment is to alter this picture of a painting and basically remove the two naked women. If possible, the third woman in the background as well. Can you break it? Thanks in advance
  10. R

    Which tools to use?

    Hello This is my first post so I hope it's in the correct forum as I'm looking for advice as to how I make changes to this image vs. having someone just do the work for me. I would like to understand what the best technique is to changing the background being the letter 'ART CH' to match the...
  11. B

    I need someone who's good on making shapes and tribals

    so basically i would like to change those shapes u see in the circle and get something like that: here's the logo (it has transparent background) Sorry if u can't see it,it's just above. Once downloaded,dont use white backgrounds ,use a black or a transparent background to see it properly...
  12. L

    Gif question, please help :)

    How can I properly export a gif with transparent background? I've tried multiple times to get a perfect transparent background on a gif, by doing a simple layer animation of a black circle, but when I export it, there's always a white halo around the black circle, I don't know what I'm doing...
  13. U

    Background edit request.

    I would like someone to edit the background into a rehearsal room. Thank you!
  14. M

    Vectorize images please? **NEED ASAP!)

    The files are huge, so I will have to share them via dropbox but I have screenshots. Just vectorize the text and background, not the photo images of the dogs. here are screenshots for examples:
  15. E

    Adjustment Layer Help

    IM scanning some old 35mm Slides into my PC, and would like to put a little "Modern" touch to them, eg de-saturate the background in this pic, its been a while since I did this sort of thing so if you folks could assist me, I know I have to create an adjustment layer, then desaturate that layer...
  16. C

    Can someone change the background for me? Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me replace the background and change it with something else? I tried doing it myself but Photoshop is too hard for me.Maybe just remove the background (vehicles) so its only me in the picture or make the background blurred so I will be the only one shown or being...
  17. S

    Dragon Ball Z Dog

    Please Photoshop shop my new puppy Goku into the dragon Ball z universe as the background.. thank you!! Whichever picture works best!
  18. P

    Can you remove the straw bundle strewn behind the butterflies?

    Hello guys, Can you please remove the straw bundle strewn behind the butterflies for me? It's a mobile click so the quality isn't too good, but for an amateur like me it was a splendid sight and I want to share it with my friends, minus the distractions in the background (straw in this case)...
  19. D

    Help extending background

    Hello. I need help on how to go about extending the table/wood to fill in the blank space above the food and make the background appear seamless. If you figure this out I would love to hear your process. Thank you.
  20. S

    Can someone remove the background?

    Hello! Please remove the background and make them into pngs, original size! Need it for a project!