1. D

    S'up?! New here, not new to photoshop!

    Hi guys, names Dylan. I used to have a very strong passion for photoshop and learning new techniques a few years back in my younger years, now I have my own house, a partner, steady job, I want to revisit that passion! I havent got a huge amount of previous work, but I primarily spent time on...
  2. dudleyd

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi everyone, I've been using PTS for 3 years, Basicly, I'm just a newbie here, because I just know how to use PTS with available artworks, I can't draw it. But I have passion in PTS. I hope to learn alot of things from people in PSG. Have a nice day! :lol:
  3. A

    Hello to every one here

    Good Day to you all I am Paul from India own a garage for cars and my passion is art photography so kindly guide me in this forum Thank you all
  4. Sidney Marshell

    Hellooo!! its me..!!

    Hi there, my name is Sidney and I'm a 19 year old student studying A-levels in Malaysia. I stumbled across this forum since I have been looking for a new site to hangout on as the ones I have frequented for the last few years are slowly dying off. I have a passion for computers since I was...
  5. Paul

    Catching that moment.

    Just love his passion and his informative videos.
  6. Phabyum

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Hello everyone! I've always been a fan of Image Editing, Animation, and the likes. I wanted it to be my future.. but unfortunatelly, due to financial problems, my parents couldn't help me continuing my studies, so.. I had to stop it and was forced to start working. 10 years have passed, and...
  7. HydroFantasy

    Hey! Incoming of a good photomanipulator here!

    I'm quite happy I found a community like this, so I can go back though time and remember myself how much good I was in this passion of mine :)
  8. F


    when you have a bit of flu and a passion....