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Greetings from Portugal!


New Member
Hello everyone!

I've always been a fan of Image Editing, Animation, and the likes. I wanted it to be my future.. but unfortunatelly, due to financial problems, my parents couldn't help me continuing my studies, so.. I had to stop it and was forced to start working.

10 years have passed, and I've now settled my life. This might sound positive and calm, but for me, it means I need to twist it around and cause a storm. Change my life to better. I want to live, not to keep surviving. So I turned to my passion again, I want to invest so much in this, so that one day, it will be my main and only focus.

I look forward to learn with you guys everyday.

My many thanks in advance!

Fabio Braz
Hello Fabio and welcome to PSG. It's never to late to learn just remember to take your time, practice, be very patient, be persistent, and ask a ton of questions!

Good luck.
Thank you for the warm welcome Mr. Sam.

Whenever I'm feeling less motivated, I'll remember your words!

Thank you.