1. agentmoeller

    Illustrator vector logo

    Another sketch turned into a vector logo, for no particular purpose....
  2. F

    could someone make the black solid and more bold

    If this picture could be made more bold and solid black (if you know what I mean?) the Green on the wolf can be removed or turned to black, what ever is easier. thank you! :) Mod edit: The watermarked image has been removed.
  3. agentmoeller

    Brushes This worked out nicely....

    I turned this tree into this brush.
  4. Jessicayla

    Digital Portrait / Painting

    Took an extended break from art during Thanksgiving week (because Fallout was too tempting), so this is my first finished piece in a while. Used a limited color palette and I liked how it turned out :)
  5. O

    New to the site.

    HI everyone. New to the site. Always had a craving to take pictures but never enough time to fully devote myself to the chore. Retired now and will try to give this a shot as a new hobby. I farm through the summer and have a little time in the winter months when not feeding. Most of my good...
  6. Phabyum

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Hello everyone! I've always been a fan of Image Editing, Animation, and the likes. I wanted it to be my future.. but unfortunatelly, due to financial problems, my parents couldn't help me continuing my studies, so.. I had to stop it and was forced to start working. 10 years have passed, and...
  7. S

    Gold Leaf?

    I have been trying to create an engine turned gold leaf fill to be printed on an ecosolvent printer. I was told to use a bump map to make it realistic, but after multiple attempts I can't get it right. Basically I need to make one circular "turn" that I can then copy and paste on text or...
  8. Paul

    Random images you have taken.

    The idea is for you to post images you have taken yourself, from your camera or phone no matter of the quality, just random off the cuff images that you just grabbed. As usual the bird turned away from the camera and decided to walk into shaded area and not turn around again lol.
  9. Z

    mona lisa turned into a chav

    finally found some inspiration yaay! in the form of mona lisa, most of the people around here talk really stoopid, while they think i talk stupid because in general chit chat i still have my initial accent and i cant hold up a full english accent for long. so i decided i wanted to take the pi**...