1. Azulnauta

    Azulnauta arrived

    Hello guys, I am David from Portugal and pleased to be accepted on this forum. I use photohop for some years now but only to make simple things, so I hope to learn more with your help. By the way, my username means Blue Astronaut (Azul is the portuguese word for Blue) See you around!
  2. B

    New from Nova Scotia

    Hi Everyone! New to this forum. I from Nova Scotia, Canada and have been using Photoshop on a Mac since version 2. My usage is very limited to photographs only so no web, no video , 3D etc. Still no expert by any means especially when it comes to the technical side (back end) whatever you want...
  3. Phabyum

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Hello everyone! I've always been a fan of Image Editing, Animation, and the likes. I wanted it to be my future.. but unfortunatelly, due to financial problems, my parents couldn't help me continuing my studies, so.. I had to stop it and was forced to start working. 10 years have passed, and...
  4. agentmoeller

    forum functions...

    Is there a guide somewhere to how the forum functions? I don't know what the folded paper icon means next to a thread, sometimes it's blue; sometimes it's red. Any help anywhere?