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Making file print ready from Photoshop elements 10 or PS 7


New Member
Morning and thank you!!

I know I am driving a dinosaur but it is all I have access to at the present moment, please forgive me *lol* I am making wedding invitations and I am wanting to learn how to make a print ready pdf. (Hope that makes sense). Here are my two needs...

I have made a chalkboard type background and have white text in several different font types. The place I found to print them wants a PDF in CMYK I originally made the file in Photoshop Elements 10 but couldn't find a CMYK mode so I tried to open it into Photoshop 7 (yup another relic). When I imported the file into Photoshop 7 and tried to convert it to CMYK it started asking about things of which I have no clue. Do I just redo the file in Photoshop 7? Is there a way to properly convert it from Elements to Photoshop to make it print ready?

If it can't be converted properly, I guess need to know how to properly setup a file in CMYK that I can convert to PDF for the print company I have made a new file at 300 dpi, 4.25 x 5.5 with a 1/8 bleed on all sides in CMYK. Is there anything I need to know about how to get white text on blackish background to render properly (crisp)for print?

Hope this makes sense I am a total newbie... thank you for your time!