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  1. M

    Please, help me, damaged file Adobe Photoshop

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Straight to the essence of the problem. Worked in the same .psdfile, the source always remained normal and were opened too, until today, when opening, did not see that all the layers are merged, and the image is just black. The weight of the file has not changed. Is...
  2. M

    Tragic Wedding mistake PLEASE HELP!

    Hello! So I just shot a wedding a couple days ago and was super exited to get the send off shot! but tragically in all the chaos my speedlight refused to fire behind the couple leaving a frankly terrible photo. I have been super upset about this ever since and thought: " Hey, maybe the power of...
  3. T

    Can someone please resize this AI file to 24 inches by 36 inches

    Hi, I need to print a poster and need the exact dimensions so that it's not pixelated when I print. I need it fit to exactly 24 inches by 36 inches. Attached is the file. The 2nd file attached is what it looks like right now when I go to print it on the Staples website.
  4. M

    How to reduce png files in Photoshop

    I need help to find out how to reduce the size of my png files. I sell digital products on Etsy and the maximum size of file I can upload there is 20MB. Many of my files exceed that limit. For example, right now I have several files that are over 32MB. I have tried many of the compressor...
  5. Y

    Font Inquiry (dotted font - unable to find it)

    Hi, I am looking for a dotted font which is attached to this post. The closest one is also attached in the same file (same image) but its still different than what I am looking for. If anyone has this font (the one on the left side of attached file) or know where to get it then please let me...
  6. A

    Logo for instagram profile picture

    Hello im asking for simple text like on the photo like this to writte LUXURY KOSOVA same like in the photo or better :) Here you have 1 idea for font maybe i dont know if it looks good I will need .psd file maybe i change sometimes the name and i would like to have if its possible. Thank...
  7. C

    Issue saving PSD as PDF

    Whenever I save my PSD file as a PDF (see below for links), the bottom 6 bullets on the 1st job title listed do not save on the PDF. Any ideas as to why this would happen and how to fix it? PSD File: PDF File...
  8. M

    Make blurry text readable

    Hello all, I recently made a picture of my trip meter reading on my motorcycle. Now I want the digits that are in format xxx.xx. I know it starts with a 3 but I need to know all the digits. I really hope this is possible. Thanks in advance.
  9. ZeroCool22

    Is a SSD 240GB enough for use as SCRATCH DISK?

    This is my current BUILD (just got it two months ago): MSI Z270 GAMING M 3 I7 77OOK ZALMAN CNPS 10X OPTIMA CORSAIR 32 GB (4X8) 2400MHZ DUAL CHANNEL MSI GTX 1080TI 11GB GAMING X SENTEY MBP750-HS 750W 80PLUS SENTEY TRIAC GS-6009 4 FANS SSD 240GB KINGSTON V300 SSD 240GB KINGSTON UV40 WD...
  10. C

    Illustrator Help-How was this file created in AI

    I thought I knew Illustrator, but I have no idea how this was created. Can anyone help?
  11. V

    Illustrator how to embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator

    how do i embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator
  12. E

    Scripting Script to run Actions according to the files names

    Dear All, I hope someone can help. I am looking at the following task: I have several .jpg files in a folder. Their names are something like "ADE-4LP.jpg" or "DBA-3P.jpg" or "EFC-1P.jpg" I would like to open these files ( one-by-one ) in Photoshop and then run actions ( already created )...
  13. S

    Need some help with a missing part

    I photographed this male Pallid Harrier in the middle of the spring in Northern Greece. I just missed the one wing primary edges, but somehow i would like to add the missed edges (and also add some space around it). Here is a jpg saved form a Raw file without any editing in PS in the best...
  14. B

    After Effects Serious questions for video editors

    I have been searching everywhere for the answers to these stupid questions so my last hope is this. I am very sorry for the wall of text, please help me if you can. And this is for YOUTUBE only unless told otherwise 1. For uploading videos to youtube, is simply uploading the RENDERED video...
  15. T

    Brand new forum member with a question on HTML files from Photoshop

    I've been attempting to make a marketing flyer using Photoshop CC. I've successfully figured out how to use the slice tool to embed links to other sites and how to save it as an HTML file. When I open the saved HTML file which looks like the Google Circle, it opens it up huge and way larger than...
  16. L

    Problem creating High-Res Adobe PDF!

    Hello, I am trying to create a full resolution adobe pdf file, and I am using the Press Quality preset, and I also tried using the High Quality preset. The original file is 3465x2625, and 11.6"x8.8". The pdf comes out as 832x630, and 3.5"x2.6". (see Bridge screenshot) This is of course way...
  17. CJ923

    Has anyone come across a file type "69F24B59 File"?

    Howdy - a customer came into my shop, an Asian lady, very little English, and wanted us to print some photos she had on her phone. She sent them in the body of an email to us, and while I was able to see the images in her email and download them, we could not open the files in any program other...
  18. R

    Need to remove carpet and reflection

    So I forgot to remove carpet before taking pictures.. Can you remove it together with the reflection of it? Psd file :
  19. H

    Trying to make high res image of this logo

    Hi there Great forum, and be gentle with me as my first time here lol. I am trying to help a friend who has a logo she uses on her leaflets. She hasn't got the original high resolution file, it is a simple type of design but I can't recreate it. Is anyone here able to help please? Thank you in...
  20. E

    Sharpening the outlining & Vector?

    Hi there, I made a little logo awhile ago. I'm by no means a designer but we did need something for on our receipts (beach club). Recently we have donated a pretty big amount of money to a charity and they asked if we wanted them to sponsor us. They needed an .eps or vector file. I don't have...