1. R

    How do I open all of the layers of a PSD file in Image Ready?

    I have CS2. I have created a series of layers that I would like to animate. At this point all of these layers are in the form of a psd file within CS2. How can I open this psd file in ImageReady and have access to all of the layers. When I try it now, I end up only seeing one layer in...
  2. C

    Integrate GIF file

    I wanted to find out how I can integrate a rotating GIF file in specific spot on a page. Like below.
  3. Ara Tidwell

    First post: I'm mad.... Can't save history with file.. Driving me nutts since PS 5.0

    I've been an amature Photoshop enthusiast since version 4.0... I remember when the history palette came out and it was so cool... But the obvious was lacking, can't save history. I have given Photoshop a break quite sparatically over the years.... but now I have come back in an attempt to...
  4. L

    Swatches ACO file

    Swatches aco for windows. Got a Mac colour swatches file, ( ACO ) that I need to give to a windows users. Is there anyway to convert a Mac ACO file to be used by a windows user of photoshop? Inside the aco file: Is just a set of Pantone colours. But the windows users says their version of...
  5. Paul

    Saving images to file

    I have lots of images within folders within my pictures, my ask is this how do i make all the pictures within the folder the same size, is there a one click solution or is it a case of doing each image as i use it for manipulation? Most of the images are2387x1929 pixels.
  6. Z

    photoshop could not complete your request because the file could not be found

    running under wine on Linux, and i'm trying to get images working on a double click instead of having to search for the files in th open box (especially when the files are on the windows partition like some of my DDS work.) how do i get it to stop that?
  7. W

    CS5 'save as' changes my file names - Just normal tiff / jpgs... not save for web!

    Does anyone know why photoshop deletes part of my file name if i try to save it in a different location to the one it opens from? I guess it's something to do with the fullstop / point in the filename, but i have no idea how to stop it doing this! Basically, I have objects numbered 'A24.1...
  8. S

    Corrupt File of Painting I'm Heartbroken please help!

    I was working on a large file on my CS4 photoshop on my laptop. I was working on a digital painting, which has been fine. I saved it, before I was heading home from work, and when I got home to open it, it said that something was wrong with the file and i could either open it or not, even with...
  9. S

    Embed video file into jpeg image

    Let start with the simple stuff. Operating system is Windows XP Photoshop version is CS4 V11 I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how to embed a video file into an image in Photoshop. GOAL: i have a Jpeg of a TV screen frame. I want to take a YouTube video that i...
  10. B

    Help with large banner file

    Hi everyone, I created a design for my fraternity's new rush banner we need to have made. It's going to be 10ft x 8ft. I originally sent the design scalled down to 1000pixels x 800 pixels. The gentleman working with us replied that I must send him the image scalled down at 350 dpi or in real...
  11. R

    Please help me change a black png file to white.

    I have a logo in the form of a png file. It is text with a drop shadow and has a transparent background. This works well on a sites light background but they want to be able to use it on black backgrounds also. Can anyone tell me how to change this black logo to white and keep the subtle...
  12. Paul

    File types

    OK gurus do your thing. I edit and save to make short gif movies, i save as wmv then use a free converter like gif-ninja, so that i can then open it in imageready to play around with it (so to speak) is there another way of making it viewable on imageready, other than me going through the...
  13. G

    Black file

    Hey guys, So I've been working on a file for a few days now and my last save was a few hours ago, where i shut down my computer. Now that I am trying to open it back up again, all that is in my file is a black background layer and nothing else, but the thumbnail still shows what the...
  14. Casperrr

    Create Shortcut to "Save As" a Specific File Format?

    HI Trying to streamline some work flow issues and would love to be able to "Save As" without having to navigate through file formats , say, .png - every time. Is there a way to open the file browser in PS to a specific file format each time? That would be great. Thanks
  15. Casperrr

    Re: Shortcuts & File Browsing in PS CS5

    HI. Thanks in advance for any help. I really like the addition of the "recent places" feature in cs5 as browsing between folders, saving and opening new images has been a headache. I would like to be able to set a specific folder that "Save As" opens. Often I am forced to continue to brows...