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  1. M

    Please improve the resolution of this image

    This image is the artwork of Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus. I would be grateful if someone could improve its resolution/quality. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Boyd's artwork and I would love to print this one out on a T shirt for him, however unfortunately this was the best quality of the...
  2. J

    Red lines

    I'm printing id badges and when I use photoshop to change the picture I have to resize the photos! When I print the badges the photos printing out with lines thru the face of the photo! Have anyone experienced this? And how can I make the badges print clear?
  3. C

    size and resolution

    I don't understand theme size and resolution of images. that resolution must have images for print or for banners and other. Help me please!!!
  4. R

    Print Multi-Pics on one page

    Have made 1 post in the past. Need to find out how to select and print multiple 4X6 pictures on one 8.5X11 glossy photopaper. I am using PS3 and Bridge. Thanking you in advance for any help. Roger
  5. J

    Szie adequacy in emailing of photos

    When I scan a photo, save it in PICTURES folder with photoshop CS6, and down-size it to, say, 300 Kb, and transmit it to a third party by email, as a jpg image, will the recipient be able to print it in, say, a double-postacrd size without revealing its pixels? Many thanks for any help. JoeJ
  6. E

    creative text effect

    After some top advice on how to crop an image for printing we are now looking to create a really standout Font to print a message alongside the image, I have stumbled upon this web-page, can this be imported into my Photoshop Elements 6...
  7. B

    Easiest Request You'll Ever See

    Hi everyone! I just got a new job and I'm trying to decorate my office. I bought a 5×5 frame for a photo collage of my dogs, but the smallest square print the photo lab I use will print is a 6x6. Unfortunately, my fiance spilled tea all over my laptop and fried my hard drive so I don't have...
  8. C

    Looking for a new logo design

    Hi all, I made a simple logo a little while back, but it is time to move on up. I am really looking for something new that represents what we do a bit better. Business Background: We do 3D printing primary and would like this to be seen in the logo...
  9. R

    Scanning vs. Re-Photographing

    I have a 7 x 5 black and white photo that's 30 years old, taken with a 35mm film camera. The original photo has been kept in an album all this time and is in pretty good shape. If I want to digitize it, am I better off scanning it or taking a photo of the photo? Below is the photo in question...
  10. P

    Printing greeting cards issue

    Windows 10, Canon IX6550, Photoshop CC2015. I have been trying to print greeting cards, using 7x10" paper, but no matter what I do the print always comes out with a thin border. Choosing 'borderless' in the Canon print preferences only produces a warning message and the resetting of the paper...
  11. J

    Hello—long time user/book designer

    Hi. I've been a Photoshop user since v3.X, but have primarily focused on basic color work for print. I hope to increase my knowledge on particular subjects, and also add to discussions if I can. Cheers.
  12. D

    How do I go about creating an image of this same style?

    Wanted to make my own so I could make it a big print for my house.
  13. S

    How do I poster print sections?

    Hi all. I've been googling for days and trying different found answers, but it's not working out. - or maybe I just don't understand. I'm an artist-painter and work from my own photography. I want to direct transfer printed images scaled to my stretched artists canvas. For example: I'm painting...
  14. P


    i seem to have an issue with asda photo printing, when i get them back they are always far darker than my originals, i use two LED monitors and the picture is fine on both, to achieve it in print i have to move the brightness levels up to what looks like its almost blown out. Any ideas?
  15. 000

    Mug Picture

    Id love to surprise a friend with this Mug, but its sold out.. Could you please make a replica of the picture on a transparent background? Id like to print it on a mug by my self. Thank you! 000 .
  16. I

    colour changing

    Hi all, This is my first post on here and may be a bit cheeky but I am looking for some help. I will introduce myself in the correct forum soon I have an image that in need changed. I need the blue hand changed to pink and the background changed to white. I have a sublimation business and a...
  17. A

    Print out of place

    Hi to everyone, i am trying to print a document borderless in a photo paper 4x6" i did make a stroke, but the paper photo a have gor some reason the size is 4x6.5" and when i print it, just print 4x6 leaving a space on the botton, if i change the document on photoshop to 4x6.5 the stroke print...
  18. lemonlung

    Making 7'x8' banner for Print--question about sizing and file type?

    Hi there! I am a self-taught marketing gal that is currently making a 7'x8' banner for print. Like I mentioned, I am completely self taught in Photoshop and it's gotten me pretty far....until now! I have never made anything this large for print before. I have always just winged it, so to...
  19. E

    How do i do this easymode?

    Okay so.. I want to pronounce the shadow some more because I want it to look as realistic as possible. How do I do this? as you can see, the left arm on the sweatshirt looks very unrealistic because the print goes over it. i tried bitmapping and overlaying the shadow but that just made it...
  20. D

    printing size problem

    Right so I don't know where I am going wrong? maybe there is a box that's ticked that shouldn't be I have no idea!! I am wanting to print a canvas on my Epson stylus prom 9800. I am wanting to print a 10 x 10 with a bit to wrap around so I select my canvas size as 13 x 13 and my image size as...