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How would I ....

Will Quiroz

New Member
Good afternoon everyone,

I was combing though some old photos the other day when I came across two photos that made my creative side perk up, but I have no idea how I would accomplish what my brain cooked up. The basic idea is to take a macro-ish sized object and have it look as if it's interacting with larger objects that have been scaled down to an appropriate size for the smaller object. Imagine an action figurine sitting in a recliner, but the recliner is scaled down to a normal size for the figurine. That would likely be a boring picture, but I think it get's my point across. What would be the best techniques/processes to use to accomplish something like this?

The whole thing may be a gloriously bad idea, but I have a few ideas I believe would be interesting if I could do this.

Thanks for the replies!


Staff member
Hello Will and welcome to PSG.

This is just standard compositing. The techniques used would be background removal, Free Transforming, Masking, blending, color matching, lighting and shading, etc,.

Make sure you use the highest resolution images of the "action figure". Choose images that share the same lighting, color balance, and sharpness.

If you need to know more details about any of the techniques I've listed, just ask.

Good luck.