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  1. G

    Need help making text stand out

    Hello! I'm making an image to print and hang in my house. My project is only composed of the image plus the texts on top. I need help finding an elegant solution to make the text stand out from the background image. I've tried the usual things like drop shadow, strokes etc.. but nothing really...
  2. chrisdesign

    3D The Abyss Booklet

    A bit a weird idea... just tell me what you think about it.
  3. A

    Cool looking design for shirt! (skydive)

    After my previous job I realized we have another design we are working on - we want to do a few short sleeve and long sleeve tops in 2 different colour options (red/black, maybe a little grey) and green/white. I'm not totally happy with what the company has come up with themselves so wonder if...
  4. M

    make something realistic pop up/ out of another

    Hi again you great people. I am making this different month style for a calender I will make to my self. the idea is they can be used every year instead of creating 12 new each year. now im stock with this juli thing. I want this balloon effect wich different styles on each balloon. for J im...
  5. Inkz

    Composite Photomanipulation: It's Done

    Hey everyone. Most PSG oldies would know I started of here years ago posting up Photomanipulations over and over again. I found creating them was such fun and great practice. Anyway, not done one in ages and had spare time to indulge. My idea for this was to have a futuristic model in and...
  6. C

    Illustrator Help-How was this file created in AI

    I thought I knew Illustrator, but I have no idea how this was created. Can anyone help?
  7. Y

    Two photos into One?

    Hello Gurus, I have a "chore" to do. I am not even sure of the correct terminology for this so it is hard to search. In short, I have two pictures of my daughter and her friends; in one her eyes are closed, in the other, her friends' eyes are closed (I had no idea teenagers blinked so much!). I...
  8. R

    Icon request

    Hi guys I'm in need of an icon for my youtube channel, I am looking for a creation in this style: so "vaguely" ressembling me in kind of anime style. I would like to add some "Goku super sayan" resemblance to it if possible (maybe super sayan hair ? or whatever you see convenient ^^) I am...
  9. T

    Keybinding razer naga

    Long story short I can't use a keyboard and mouse effectively at the same time, therefore I have a razer naga for gaming. I recently got into photoshop, and as expected it is extremely overwhelming. I thought it would be a good idea to keybind my mouse to the most used/useful things used in...
  10. Eggy

    3D Blender - Let Me Out!

    Just to pass time and an idea after helping out a member...:biglaff:
  11. Inkz

    Connectology Logo Concept || WIP

    Working on a logo concept based around connecting technology. The idea behind the logo image is the use of solder points and connecting them. Still a WIP but I hope you see the idea behind the design. It's also a monogram of C & O for Connect Ology, faint but it is there. Also, really...
  12. U

    How to color highlights?

    Hey photoshop wizards, Do you have any idea how can I colour highlights in images like these examples:
  13. DearStupid

    Editing picture taken from a screen

    Hello, everyone :) I want to edit a picture which was taken from a screen (my niece's picture from a photo booth's screen that we couldn't print) but I have absolutely no idea how to start restoring it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I should start? Thank you in advance!
  14. T

    Tattoo Idea Photoshop

    I've had this idea for a tattoo for a few months now and ive look on the internet to try and find something similar and just cannot seem too so that I why I am here, The idea is the have the Native Skull(ive included a picture) tattoo but instead of the headdress being the traditional colors i'd...
  15. J

    Car rim edit

    Could anyone please edit this cars rims black? Would like a rough idea what it looks like with black rims thanks!
  16. BenceDusa

    Business Card

    Hello guys! ;) This is my second work in Photoshop. I create a very simple business card, using a tutorial +some of my idea on it. What you think about? :)
  17. J

    Wolf muzzle on a human

    Hi everyone. I recently got a request from a friend to create a werewolf mid transition. I got to a part where I had to add the muzzle ( with no fur on it because it is mid transformation ) and I realised that I had no idea how to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Jack Tilley
  18. U

    How do I create this popular lettering effect?

    Hey photoshop masters, So I see this effect quite a lot on Instagram and Facebook and I wish I knew how they do it: do you have any idea or tutorial for that? thanks :wink:
  19. W

    How would I ....

    Good afternoon everyone, I was combing though some old photos the other day when I came across two photos that made my creative side perk up, but I have no idea how I would accomplish what my brain cooked up. The basic idea is to take a macro-ish sized object and have it look as if it's...
  20. C

    Remove assistive touch button please x

    Hey, hopefully this isn't too difficult but I don't have any idea how to go about getting rid of it lol, any help appreciated